😌 Calm and Painless 🤤 Kids Tooth Pulled At Dentist (5 Years Old) 🏥

This dentist was so awesome! I think we had a great experience when Ariana needed her tooth pulled at the dentist. Here’s what to expect at the dentist with a 5 year old.

Once day, she got hurt during playtime and her tooth was loose. Soon, she had a sore on her gums and it looked like a sign of infection. We made a trip to the dentist for an x-ray. They said it needs to come out as soon as possible. Aw, man… I was pretty sad about it. Since Ariana isn’t afraid of the dentist, we decided to try the extraction that same day. They can use laughing gas and she gets to watch TV during the procedure. Wow… I was very surprised because it was quick and painless.

First, they let her choose what smell she will have with the laughing gas. Then, when she was calm they put gel on her gums to numb the surface, and then gave her a shot to fully numb the gums. The dentist explained everything to Ariana along the way. If she felt pain, he stopped and examined the area, and decided where to give another shot. Ariana could not feel anything, and she was very relaxed. The dentist gently twisted the tooth and pulled it out. It was done! No fear, no worry and no drama. I was really impressed with the dentist and modern pain-free dentistry.

Afterwards, Ariana got to keep her tooth, choose a sticker and a prize, and keep her bubblegum scented mask. On the ride home, she really needed to rest and liked to have her scented laughing gas mask to help her relax. She used pieces of gauze to help reduce bleeding.

The dentist says there are no restrictions after a baby tooth extraction with laughing gas. After the dentist, she continued with our plans for the rest of the week with no changes. Now, she just has a missing tooth and everything else is normal. She is not afraid of the dentist, they did a very good job.