10 Best Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

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This video will show you natural remedies for wisdom tooth pain.

1. Clove
Clove helps to reduce wisdom tooth pain because it contains anaesthetic and analgesic properties. These properties numb the pain instantly. Place 3 whole cloves inside your mouth to stop the ache.
2. Coconut Oil
It is a great way to help reduce the inflammation and swelling of the gums. Coconut oil possesses antimicrobial and analgesic properties.
3. Salt Water
Pour about eight ounces of warm water into a glass and stir in two tablespoons of salt until it’s completely dissolved. Rinse with the water for several minutes and then spit it out.
4. Garlic
It contains anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant properties that brings relief from wisdom tooth pain. The juice of the garlic works wonders in reducing the pain.
5. Peanut Butter
Peanuts have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties due to the presence of a compound called resveratrol. This is why peanut butter can be used to treat wisdom tooth pain and its symptoms.
6. Apply Ice
Put ice in a plastic baggie, wrap it in a towel and apply it to the swollen area. Not only will this relieve some of the pain, but it will also help the inflammation go down.
7. Peppermint
It contains anaesthetic properties that help in reducing the pain. You can chew a few peppermint leaves or you can rub some peppermint oil.
8. Tea Tree Essential Oil
It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it the perfect remedy for reducing wisdom tooth pain and infection.
9. Onion
The onion is effective because it contains phytochemicals that target the germs responsible for the infection, giving you a much-needed break from the pain.
10. Lemon Juice And Salt
Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties and salt has antimicrobial properties. This combination can cure wisdom tooth pain effectively.
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