20 Overlooked Mechanics in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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30 Replies

  1. Silver Dragon Reply

    I found lady butterfly easy with the loaded spear. It helped me chip a lot of health after her combos, even when she was slightly far. Cause you know, spears

  2. Tackitt Reply

    Combat in Sekiro is like an anime fight scene where 2 guys clank swords whilst dashing around.

    7:11 – Indeed. I'm not really seeing how people find this appealing.

  3. Bor Ivanuš Reply

    You didn't list Nightjar Slash as a necessary skill, that's why you struggled with Lady B.

  4. Chris Leung Reply

    Saved to Watch Later when i finally buy the game , nice vid

  5. Abdullah Alhosni Reply

    Man this game is good, I think the difficulty is suitable for a fromsoftware game a lot of people have been saying it's harder than other souls games but I believe that is only because it's a new experience with a new combat system, other than that it's the same path of difficulty.

  6. HiImErebos Reply

    I just love this game so much, I'm starting to realise from software is not just my favourite game dev, every game they produce comes on the top of my list of favourites ever played, they know how to do these games with different spins like no other can, Miyazaki and his team are gods. Now I have 5 favourite games of all time, ds franchise bloodborne, and sekiro. Loved the video as aways vaati <3

  7. Seth Wright Reply

    Hey, another thing almost everyone missed about the mist raven, is you find contact medicines like right before you get to that area.. if you read the description of contact medicine, it tells you that some Shinobi have used it for “secret techniques.” If you pop a contact medicine and then use mist raven while it’s active, it gives you INSTANT teleportation whenever you use the tool, not even requiring you to get hit by an enemy. It does this because the contact medicine continuously damages you, activating the mist raven’s effect. This honestly makes it a VERY OP tool and extremely cool/fun to use. Enjoy.

  8. Akram Safirul Reply

    I finished the game once and still haven't got used to the fact that guarding an attack does'nt do chip damage
    So most of the time, if im not sure i can deflect it i instinctively evaded like a souls scrub i am and got hit anyway

  9. GuiltyGirls Reply

    "Blockdancing" lmao fancy term to avoid calling it what it actually is, mashing. You spent a tip discouraging mashing just to swear by it a minute later? Mashing block ain't that helpful fyi.

  10. pyziroki Reply

    The voice is so gay it made my vomit

  11. James dauwdhwau Reply

    Glad I played the game a lot before watching this. Feels better discovering these things yourself

  12. Realest Savage Reply

    Am I the only one who took an unhealthy amount of time to figure out that you could sprint?

  13. Icecranium Reply

    So Sekiro is basically a game that hyper focuses on all the things I hated the most about Dark Souls combat. GREAT! SOUNDS THRILLING! Sarcasm aside, I think I'm going to sit this one out. Shame too, I was really looking forward to the medieval Japan setting.

  14. quixcalibur Reply

    Vaati: "I believe the first stretch of the hirata estate is the best farming spot"

    Upper tower antechamber: am I a joke to you?

  15. Raging Raving Reply

    Would of been helpful learning about that Demon Bell when I was grinding items for the final boss lol.

  16. Tyler Beemer Reply

    My roommate took 3 days to beat Lady Butterly because he didn’t understand how important button input and defense were. He wouldn’t release L1 to start attacking, thus initiating a L1+R1 combat technique. He then abandoned blocking/deflecting altogether and instead spent 2 of those 3 days thinking he could dodge and jump over all her attacks. He claimed that the defensive mechanics were “bullshit” (lmao). He ignored my advice about posture damage being more important than HP damage in most fights and tried to play the long fight against her… all without blocking. He didn’t even reach her 2nd phase until day 3 when he finally decided to heed the advice I was spamming into his Twitch chat.

    In short, defense is the best offense in Sekiro.

  17. Zidane Lionheart Reply

    I keep seeing people reference this video how it just clicked after watching it. I can attest to that fact. I don’t honestly remember much, I watched it a few days ago, but I know I went back to the game with a whole new attitude. Now I’m stuck on Genichiro, dipping into the other areas when I’m tired of being beaten down. I love this game so much. Watch this vid y’all!

  18. Clouds Reply

    Very helpful, especially the 2nd half! Thank you

  19. Maxim Ray Reply

    Guys DO NOT spam block. The more you spam block without landing a deflect, the smaller the window for deflecting gets. This is really bad considering the entire combat system revolves around this mechanic.

  20. dominik fragosa Reply

    I'm having amazing difficulty with trying to use fang and blade if you could make a video teaching how to use it would be amazing it says to push r1 immediately after using the loaded axe and I've tried doing it many different ways and it doesn't work at all for me

  21. FenrirHere Reply

    Overlooked? The games been out for like a month lol

  22. ZERO MEGA Reply

    Nice shirts mate … man I tried but can't love this game 🌹👌tbh not my cup of tea