2007 Hypnotic Dentist Removes Teeth with Hypnosis only

Recorded in Scotland in late 2007 a Dentist uses Hypnosis only to extract a patient’s two front teeth, and then place in Implants while using hypnosis as the only pain control. A remarkable video showing the power of hypnosis in traditional and Alternative Medicine.

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  1. Cheyne Simons Reply

    was a local used,with the hypnoses or just the hypnosis ?

  2. Spoony Quine Reply

    Come on, man! You can't use hypnosis to remove teeth! You can only use hypnosis to stop the pain. πŸ™‚ And yes, it can be quite pleasant and self-empowering.

    OMG, I love the hypnotic language in a Scottish accent! I am amused at the woman's incredulity at it, as I take it for granted, having had experience myself.

  3. Borys Tininik Reply

    Wow! .I did -40 lbs last 1 month.More here hawght.so#O6fBHKD

  4. Balithazzarr Reply

    when they put that up to the gums, they are cutting the gum away from the tooth a little.

  5. xStrikerVisionx Reply

    the strange thing about me and the dentist is you could numb me up allday long i would still feel everything

  6. Vashti Reply

    I know our minds are amazing. I too have experienced many things that people might find unbelievable…I believe in the power of the subconscious mind and in hypnosis. But why why why, for the sake of a numb lip for a few hours, would anyone in their right mind want to have THIS done without anaesthesia?

  7. Cassiefur Reply

    believe it or not, I work with Amanda and I can assure anyone that doesnt believe this is real that they're mistaken!

  8. rexman92 Reply

    o.o DAMN DENTIS YOU SCARY!!! thumbs up for agreeing =D and to keep this comment up top

  9. vince perez Reply

    @DrDaveUSA you should give me a free hypnosis i live in vegas to i want to expierence it

  10. CovertHypnosis4U Reply

    Thanx 4 the comment !!!! I'm a Master Hypnotist and NLP Trainer…..
    You are absolutely RIGHT; our minds ARE More than Amazing !!!!

    From Las Vegas, Just Dave…. Clear…..

  11. seharris11 Reply

    I watched a very similar movie and one with a woman getting a C-section; I was amazed! Our minds are so amazing and we can heal ourselves if we will it to be πŸ™‚ Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  12. eairinna Reply

    Why is she removed two of her front teeth and change it for implant? The procedure is great and seems cool.