So after loosing two teeth in one night – little Miss Isla Savannah got a mega surprise from the tooth fairy!

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49 Replies

  1. Charlotte Scott Reply

    I am watching all my films and I am 3 films away from Peter Pan, Isabelle, Esme & Isla's favourite film. 😊😊

  2. Angela Buiatti Reply

    Awww poor little darling hope you feel better soon darling 💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏

  3. Stacey Phillips Reply

    Hello, i had this rash when i was pregnant with my 2nd child its called PUPPP's
    Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), known in United Kingdom as polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PEP), is a chronic hives-like rash that strikes some women during pregnancy. …PUPPP occurs in about 1 in every 200pregnancies.
    And i was told its when you are carrying a baby boy (which i was) hope this helps, also was told to drink dandilion root & nettle tea (holland & Barrett)
    my daughter Cerys loves to watch your vlogs everyday! Please could you say hi to her in one of your vlogs! Hope you have some relief with your rash 🙂
    Stacey x x

  4. Imaan Sadien Reply

    Hi Sarah if it itches you should put an ice pack on where it itches P.S ilysm

  5. NudgingCharlie13 Reply

    Poor Sarah! Hope she feels better soon. Cool bath with baking soda in it and soak. Love the new outdoor furniture. Looks like the girls are having a Good Friday night!

  6. iOS Games Reply

    Go in a cold bath but no body wash xxx

  7. emma beaman Reply

    sarah you have mascopuocular rash i can't spell it ahaha

  8. Julie Kingston Reply

    Hope you get well soon love u loads xxxxx💖💖💖💖💖

  9. Elise Hull Reply

    I think they should do the pregnancy labour thing to Chris who agrees???🤣💛

  10. becca 65 Reply

    I know it sounds weird but bath in milk

  11. Cassidy Isawesome Reply

    Sarah your going to be all right I just know it. I’m glad the girls are enjoying school. That’s awesome that there enjoying school. I’m sick today actually. My throat is not feeling the best right now. But watching your vids might help me feel better. I’m sorry that Sarah is feeling really rubbish right now. Love you guys sooooo much!!!!😘😍😘😍😘😍❤️♥️

  12. Hilary Cole Reply

    Oatmeal bath! See you if can take one! I have had one for an allergic reaction. Stops the itching.

  13. karen bell Reply

    The rash looks exactly like the one i developed at the age of 36 i did get it a couple of other times. never did find out what the exact cause was. My Gp did say you can develop allergies at any age but your 30's is a prime age. Trt a bath with oatmeal in it odd i know xx

  14. Anh and Alexis Reply

    Awww this reminds me when I was a little kid. Btw guys, we are so close to 1000, we'd greatly appreciate any support 🙂

  15. Laakeaz1 Kahanu Reply

    My friend had a rash thing during her pregnancy with her son. It went away when she gave birth to him and she didn’t get it when she was pregnant with her daughter. Your situation kind of reminds me of her’s they did lots of test and came up with it being this really rear disease that some pregnant women get. Hope you feel better soon and you can enjoy this pregnancy.

  16. KFL18 Reply

    Hope Sarah gets well soon love you guys so much love from Jill

  17. Rosy Kaye Reply

    If it makes you feel any better I've been hospitalized second time during my pregnancy for recurrent Utis, my symptoms are sickness pain, dehydration and feaver and I'm 33 +3 now! 🙄

  18. Tina Gayman Reply

    Kind of reminds me of shingles. It’s very painful and stress can bring it on. I had it on my back and armpit area. I got in early for it and got meds and it helped allot.

  19. Wendy Smith Reply

    It looks like a really bad case of shingles. ) :

  20. Hailey Rodriguez Reply

    Sarah go and buy some vitamin b6!!!!!!!!!!!!! google vitamin b6 deficiency, common in pregnant ladies. Worth a try! Love from Sydney Australia xx

  21. Cheryl Jecht Reply

    Oh Sarah you poor thing. I know what allergic itchiness feels like. It’s can drive you mad because even if you scratch it it doesn’t relieve it. Something that works for sure is if you can get some unprocessed oatmeal from a health food shop and wrap a good cup full in a knee high stocking and tie it around the bath tap and let the tepid water run over it. Then just lie in the bath for as long as you can. Get well soon

  22. Caitlin Miles Reply

    I definitely think Sarah has Pruritic Urticarial Papules & Plaques of Pregnancy….. that’s exactly what that is. I’m surprised the doctors haven’t said anything about that. Luckily if it is that, it won’t affect the baby or have an long term affect on sarah. Bad news is that usually it lasts until the baby is born. I hope Sarah starts feeling better soon & its something else that can be healed sooner!

  23. Mrsz. Dee Reply

    Omg….I feel so bad for sarah!!!!! I really hope this pregnancy gets better for her.

  24. BeautyBySiobhan Reply

    That looks identical to shingles, my mum has just got over shingles, and it looks so similar, hers was itchy, sore, red, and hers burnt 💕

  25. Alice Taylor Reply

    I would recommend a cold wet towel on the rash and keep it on there… whenever my hay fever plays up I get a cold wet flannel ❤️

  26. acrobat slimer Reply

    Try an oatmeal bath……I know Young Living essential oils which available all over the country they have some oils or oils blends you could make that may help with itching! I hope you get better soon!
    I do have 1 question?
    Just for fun though!
    I don't need you tell me your age or do I need to know…..all I need to know is if your age when you conceived was an even or odd number? Also what month your doctor told you were due in and what the heartrate of your new little baby is? I did this with all of my kids…..just for fun and there due months were wrong…..to when I actually had them.
    According to how it worked with myself (and with all of my girls 3 just like yourself!)
    Take your age at conception whethet it is even or odd (ex 24 or 25) then baby's expected month of birth (ex 04 or 05). Add the 2 numbers together (ex..even + odd= an odd number…it should mean you are having a boy) now if the 2 numbers together when added are both even so say (ex..even+even=even….it should mean you are having a girl)
    I did this with all of my girls and factored in what their heartrate was!
    My oldest should have been born in March…..my age at the time was even the month of March is odd the 2 together = odd but factor in the heartrate 145 to 160 most people say means a girl and the fact that she was born in Feb so (My age even her birth month even = even so a girl…., Lol)
    This worked with all of my girls…so just for fun give it try!
    Even with your girls now!
    Your age at conception….even or odd number, what their birth was to what it is if they were different and see for fun if it works out!

    It might not but it is only for fun!
    Although I always said regardless a happy healthy baby is always the main thing boy or girl never mattered to me!
    Get better soon!