7 days to die console My Best Horde Base

So far this has been the best Horde base that I’ve used. I use this exact design in all of my survival worlds. I give a lot of credit to Fade Willow. She has a video on how to build the Toothy, which is the very foundation of this horde base. Thank you guys for watching.

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  1. Dallas K Reply

    This works great on my console. Now I don't spend half of my time gathering wood for spikes. Game changer. Well done, sir.

  2. TheWhiteZulu Reply

    This base works fine it done me well all the way up to day 350+ top base

  3. Shadrac Frost Reply

    Excellent tutorial! My daughter and I just found this – built in 2 days before day 21 and it works perfect! You have made this family very happy sir – keep up the great videos 🙂

  4. Jeriah Smith Reply

    Im going to try this out in my current world. I love coming up with all the base designs, and building while my girlfriend explores and scavenges. I just build a idea that popped in my head that was essentially a pit/moat……. sadly it didnt work how i thought it would :/ this design looks interesting to me though so i think ill try it out. Worst case scenario is I dont like it and tear it apart lol

  5. Alex Mihai Reply

    it sucks for pc version i build a flagstone one and got tested in day 5 and it totaly wreck it and i died i got pissed off so i will restart and try a diffren version of base bunkers

  6. James Nics Reply

    Nice man. What part of Texas? I'm from Georgetown.

  7. Quiet Dignity and Grace Reply

    I've been digging trench lines and land mines. I'll give this a shot. Rocket launchers make great lawn mowers , by the way.

  8. x HymnZz Reply

    Still a Good effective Horde Base Build 2018

  9. Spanish-ftw Cruz Reply

    I h8t 2 take away your 420 views 🙁 I have a offer I thing u will like alot. Plise send me a message so we can talk. U will not regret it 😉

  10. She Devil Murphy Reply

    wouldn't mind joining to help out lol if it pvp {PS MOM'S ACCUNT}.

  11. ashley wager Reply

    Hey I've never seen a horde ever all I ever see I one or 2 zombies that's all so how do you get them???

  12. MadeToExcite 671 Reply

    So is this the pc version or the console version? He said console edition l but has a zombie bear? Consoles doesn't have zombie bears…

  13. Jimmy Colon Reply

    Dropping a 👍 and subbing!Thanks for this tutorial and demonstration. I'm on day 114 and just having spikes outside my steel walls isn't doing enough but I know this will.

  14. Hammer Dragon Reply

    How do you get those lights to work is there a mod for that

  15. Joe Sena Reply

    Sick base desgin man. Ive been doing somethin similar called a toothy. Its a wedge tip then horizontal pole the verticle pole. With this design i found myself accidentally hitting the middle pole but with the toothy theres much more space to hit them

  16. jackdaniels8022 Reply

    My wife and I love 7 days to die and after watching your video about this base she said we will do this. And with the new update hopefully coming out this year for the Playstation 4 I hope we get electricity and turrets. Great Video and thank you.

  17. DR1FT Reply

    Nice video has this been changed yet? Like I dont wanna build this and it doesnt wokr anymore lol it seems cool studd like this always gets changed