A Day at the Dentist

Animated by Jacob Kitts: http://youtube.com/jjkmovies **EXPAND PLEASE**

At the Ponyville dentistry, Colgate’s patience gets tested by her patients.

Additional voices:
Pinkie Pie – http://youtube.com/breefaithva
Derpy Hooves – http://youtube.com/emichwan88
Lyra Heartstrings – http://youtube.com/trponies
Berry Punch – http://youtube.com/alioopster27
Gamzee Makara – http://youtube.com/lucawesome

Music for wubs/credits: “How Far We’ve Come” by Art Attack & Silva Hound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqQfHUDx41Y

Pink Fluoride Dark Side of the Tooth vector image:

46 Replies

  1. Bobillow Reply

    Oh god,Colgate ๐Ÿ’ข
    The ad i-is…

    SO ENOYING!!!!

    … The fuck?

  2. Lightening McQueen Reply

    Since I've watched "Amending Fences", which was released two years after this fan-made animation was uploaded, I'm not really sure that Minuette (which that description is referring to her as Colgate) would get that stressed, but I'm glad she passed out instead of losing her temper, which I wouldn't expect that from her since "Amending Fences" shows her to be enthusiastic.

  3. Andrae Walker II Reply

    1:20 DJ PON3: Always remember, ponies, every morining you have to brush your teeth… WITH WUBS!!!! (LOL)
    2:25 Minuette made an adorable sound! SHE IS SO ADORABLE!

  4. Kyleak04 Reply

    2:08 LittleShyFim: Colgate's face is offensive and should be censored immediately

  5. galaxy wolf Reply


  6. Nate Jones Reply

    "How does that work?"

    You just had to ask, didn't you?

  7. Bonniebull87 Reply

    They are horses how do they know what hands are?

  8. Miguel Refareal Reply

    0:09 Lyra says pony can't brush teeth since they can't pick up the brushes with hooves. Yet when she walks out, rainbow d and scootaloo are holding brushes without any magic
    0:59 roasted
    1:19 when you turn on the TV while everyone is asleep the the volume was too high
    1:26 when cave men find out about tooth brushing
    1:48 me when I hold stuff
    2:08 when people are just too talkative
    2:28 when you finally start to relax at the end of the day after all those chores. Your parents give you another bunch of chores.

  9. IzzyB Arnold Reply

    Who brushs their teeth with a bottle of Jack? I mean really?๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

  10. snuffers80 Reply

    Lyra says you chat hold things as a pony because I have hooves YET DERPY AND BERRY PUNCH ARE HOLDING THINGS AND THWY AIN'T UNICORNS DERPY IS PEGUSUS and berry is a earth PONY! Wtf (f stands for flip)

  11. snuffers80 Reply

    The pony with the white face XD when he got thrown out the door he said "HONK!!!"

  12. Narisha Ishak Reply

    Before I leave bursh with a bottle of jack! (from the tick tock song)

  13. Red Drago Reply

    In the future she will have a daughter named Aqua Fresh!

  14. Phoenix Phoenix Reply

    โ€˜I just donโ€™t know what went wrongโ€™ is boring