A naturally straight smile WITHOUT dental braces or Invisalign braces!

instasmile Clip On Veneers review – a revolutionary, affordable, convenient and pain-free solution for crooked, missing, chipped and discoloured teeth or as a comfortable alternative to partial dentures. Prices start from as little as £250 / $350.

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Although people believed that there was nothing wrong with her teeth, Ellesse’s fang teeth were really having an affect on her confidence. Her teeth became such a burden to her that she rarely smiled in photo’s as she didn’t want her natural teeth on show. Without having to invest time and money into invisalign braces or other forms of dental braces, Ellesse was able to have a naturally straight looking smile with instasmile. Although they take some getting used to, she loves the way her smile now looks!

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  1. CodeMajic Reply

    see, the set I got the other day, top never clicked and wasn't firm, but the bottom one is super tight and It clicked and I thought it was to tight. but now its making me think the top is not tight enough. they look great on you as well, my friend looked silly in them and I also looked so stupid with them in. but I'm used to horrible teeth so I think it takes a while. I have had nothing but compliments on my teeth though, I can't eat with them and it feels super weird kissing with them. only problem I have is the lisp is not going, it's so embarrassing talking in shops etc and having lisp and spewing your words out backward lol