Amazing! VEGANS – Tooth Decay FREE! *THE SECRET*

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45 Replies

  1. Aylin Shahari Reply

    And by the way I find it wildly discriminating to shame people who were not born with perfect teeth telling them their bad teeth are their own fault because they have been performing sloppy dental hygiene. This is just not true!

  2. Derek Lizardo Reply

    New information:
    Phylic acid is just as dangerous as sugars at breaking down enamel, if not more dangerous. Phylic acid is in grains and nuts. Rice and pasta will break down teeth just as fast as sugars.
    It is our saliva that protects our enamel. The biggest helpers are magnesium and vitamin D when trying to improve calcium absorption. Supplements are a "last option" and increased consumption of mineral rich foods is the key to it all. And oil pulling does a better job of washing out bacteria than brushing by far. Plus it whitens as well. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
    Everyone has good comments here. Thanks for all your videos, btw. 😎

  3. David Nunya Reply

    is the secret lying and eating meat on the down low?

  4. Ishmael Reply

    This is something that's always bugged me since becoming vegan. If we thrive on a diet of fruits and vegetables, why is it that on this diet our teeth are so prone to decay? Shouldn't we have evolved to not need to brush, floss and mouthwash?

  5. Bianca Marcellous Reply

    I lost one tooth to being vegan 2 years but hopefully if I do this it will help..

  6. Dean thomas Reply

    No plant based food has any of the essential amino acids. It's nothing to do with sugar at all.

    When your deficient in these essential amino acids the bone which the teeth are inbeded into becomes weak and brital leaving no base for the gums to have foundation to grow leaving the tooth exposed to bacteria that eat through flesh and bones in the face.

    With out meat the body can not continue.

  7. LeftEyeofRa Reply

    Brush and floss twice a day. Wait 30 to an hr after eating before brushing. Lastly, don't put off seeing the dentist twice a year.

  8. Ike Does Stuff Reply

    You need to eat meat, fat soluble vitamins, bone broth, soup. Grass fed dairy, vitamin k2

  9. Anthony Stewart Reply

    wheatgrass juice and wheatgrass juice powder. take vitamin k2 and vitamin d3

  10. Vegan AF Reply

    meat makes your teeth Decay because it's very acidic that's why all meat eaters need to go to the dentist and all vegans don't have dentist and don't even brush teeth all they need is water in the morning because of fruits and vegetable actually brush your teeth throughout the day …but my point is meat is acidic and that's why people lose their teeth their eating too much meat…

  11. Joe R Reply

    Less sugar is the answer. Go keto. Thank God for the saturated fat of animal flesh.

  12. ali galaxy wolf Reply

    Goes with takis
    All of my teeth where bad cause of tht😢😢

  13. Monica H Reply

    How about this theory…
    … magnesium and calcium are antagonists. They bind to the same receptor in the body. You need to have balance between the two minerals. For many years it has been said we should eat 70% calcium and 30% magnesium. Lately some people have said 50/50 is the best balance. So if you eat a diet with enough calcium and three times as much magnesium you risk getting too little calcium, because there is a magnesium molecule on most of the receptors, so the calcium can't bind anywhere and we dont absorb it. And you get deficient on ca. I'm not a raw fooder so I dont know what balance you get on that diet, but I amaging it's a lot more magnesium than calcium. If you want to supply use calcium-citrate or -lactate – easier to absorb. Wait half an hour before you brush after eating acidic fruit. Rince your moth with water, it will calm the acid attack on your teeth.

  14. SEA3world Reply

    I use wheatgrass as mouth wash for my teeth for 5 mins in my mouth before I swallow it 🙂
    My friend chews on 7 to 15 cloves a day to remove the bacteria from his mouth
    Right now I'm trying to heal a line crackced tooth.. I'm not sure how to do it

  15. Shawnette Bellamy-Gibbs Reply

    Hi y’all I floss & oil pull too . The tooth decay I have is from old bad habits, not from my new healthy choices. I previously suffered through SEVERE toothaches, I was vegan at the time. I figured it out- I cut waayyy back on my whole grain intake. Each time my tooth cracked I was eating a grain based food which a) turns to sugars in the body, and b) aren’t processed properly for us to thrive on. Sooooooo bye bye daily breads crackers vegan cookies etc ! And after that, poof pain be gone ✌🏽
    Adding on: as you said Ralph, leafy greens are AMAZING for us! And eating plenty of veggies too. This really was another lifeline for me with my tooth health ❤️
    One more: switching to natural toothpastes and tooth powders has been a game changer for me.

  16. Katina Love Reply

    Swish green juice around in your mouth! Green kale, spinach, cilantro etc. also drink it daily mixed with water! Also I take New Chapter bone strength. You will need to gage how much of each on a given day!

  17. BigManTate7364 Reply

    This is all true and good advice but there is one issue with what Ralph mentioned. A mistake a lot of people make is to brush their teeth directly after a meal. The enamel on your teeth is softened every time you eat so even if you are using toothpaste without fluoride you are actually brushing away your enamel, causing more harm to your teeth. Wait a little while (maybe 30 mins) after eating and you should be safe to brush.

  18. Marcia Young Reply

    One drop of tea tree oil on toothbrush 2x daily. Cut back or avoid sugar and foods that turn to sugar until cavities heal. Take Vitamin A, D3 & K all three must be taken together to heal and prevent cavities. Get as much sun as possible! 😁

  19. Jared Dempsey Reply

    Avoid dry dates like the plaque, here we go dental bills…

  20. HealingInnately Reply

    Vitamin K2, D3, Calcium 100% daily value. I brush with calcium dolomite powder and a little baking soda, Whole foods, soak the grains, beans. Replace sugar with fruits and vegys… I went from alot of pain in all my teeth needing root canals (according to dentist) to strong teeth as long as I take ALL these supplements and eat whole foods. Love You! Thanks!

  21. Phillygrillz Lars Reply

    Hi Ralph glad to see you again Bro
    I just have a question it goes like
    We do all our stuff all day everyday till
    We die but why ? Seriously we
    Made all of those things in our
    Life but when death comes
    Everything we did look so vain
    Maybe its because im highly
    Depressif its like my bubble just
    Popped out ! I don’t know if
    Im sad or very conscious and
    Also stun by this conscious thought !
    Well if you can reply it should be nice
    To you ! Have a good day by the way !

  22. Siddiq Isah Reply

    Use oregano oil to clean the mouth and then use remineralization to cure the tooth

  23. Mica D'Zignz Reply

    You are so handsome.
    Coconut oil, turmeric powder, clove oil and salt and fermented cod liver oil 3 times daily

  24. Andrew Lucas Reply

    Hey people! Have a look at Ramiel Nagel's book. (…just put his name in a search engine, or book seller site)
    Not very vegan-friendly, but dispels the (made-up nonsense) myths about tooth care and disease theories.
    (We are NOT victims of pathogens!!!)
    Sugar – it's NOT sticking to teeth and having dastardly bacteria feed on it & your teeth. It's causing a metabolic issue – throwing out important mineral balances – most particularly calcium/phosphorous. This, and the downstream endocrine (hormonal) problems are the manifestation of the consumption of refined carbs.
    In any case – don't eat refined carbs! The presence of bacteria does not indicate cause and effect. Kind of akin to jumping out of your car to assist a hit-and-run victim on the road in front of you – as the real perpetrator speeds off around one corner and the police car drives up behind you!
    Don't brush your teeth either (if you have gingivitis, etc.) – use a device like a "Waterpik".
    Vitamin D is critical. I don't yet have a good vegan alternative – fermented cod liver oil works. I've had to make a temporary concession.
    Good Luck everyone!

  25. Gabrielle Ether Reply

    I can't speak on decay but my teeth i used to bleed like crazy now i use baking soda n that's all and my teeth stopped bleeding completely and whiter

  26. laura bastian Reply

    I use soda to brush my teeth with. It helps to whiten them. I can highly recommend it. You could also brush your teeth with a strawberry. That will whiten them too.

  27. Margery Hannah Reply

    Keep foods with phytic acid in check or soak these foods to reduce the phytic acid (soy, corn, legumes, and grains)–phytic acid decreases calcium absorption; increase calcium (broccoli, including the stem, in smoothies is good for this); and oil pulling with coconut oil. It is also imperative to get your vitamin D…

  28. Natty Is Batty Reply

    Oh my gosh, you seem like a genuinely wonderful person. XD I don't know what the internet's done to me where it's surprising to find genuine people.. But whatever, keep up the good vibes dude. <3

  29. MarionJ_Vegan Reply

    I'm a vegan. I rinse my mouth after every meal, then brush my teeth. I rarely floss and didn't go to the dentist for 5 years. I just went in for a check up last week and my dentist and hygienist were raving at how perfect my teeth are. My goal is to up my flossing.

  30. Spiritual Peace Reply

    Hi I been trying to stay away from fluoride. I heard green tea can help strengthen the tea and prevent tooth decay. So I guess its a good alternative but there are also people that think its bad so its kind of confusing. Just how some people think flouride is good and some say its bad for your teeth and pineal gland. I just assume the more natural the better. Any ways. Great video. Your videos always make my days. Keep up the great work and stay blessed.

  31. Eternal Beings Reply

    fast for 1-2 days so your body has time to heal without u putting stuff in your mouth. eat kalcium high foods before you do this
    ( and all the time )

    the foods to eat is; almonds , sesame seeds ( its important to soak the sesame and almonds before because they contain anti nutrients which binds the minerals so you cannot take them up. just soak for 10 hours is good ( probably good to do with all nuts btw) Next is broccoli, avocado , olives, olive /coconut oil (unheated virgin).

    the foods you shouldn't eat is grains, sugar and antinutrient nuts. ( just soak them before eating and you're good to go!)

    you can heal your teeth, its a bone like all other, if you love a hair it grows out, same with nails. So don't worry if you already have cavaties. if you just listen to your heart it can persuade you from eating sugar i promise. I know it's hard but you really just have to choose teeth or no teeth.

    i don't believe that we really have to eat when we are in our pure state where we get energy from all love around us and from the sun.
    But if one does eat to survive, do it to survive not to die. ( you know sugar and meat for example and it's not worth it)

    love and light to all beings<3:) awesome video Infinitewaters <3

  32. Leon Comino Reply

    Can someone please link some articles promoting veganism for dental care, and the benefits of coconut oil pulling.