Avatar – Tooth, Beak & Claw (Art Video)

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Avatar “Tooth, Beak, & Claw” – Art Video directed by Johan Carlén
“Tooth, Beak, & Claw” is from Avatar’s new album ‘Feathers & Flesh’
Preorder ‘Feathers & Flesh’ – http://flyt.it/FandF




42 Replies

  1. joe hoe Reply

    Who is "this little freak born to spread terror?" The owl?

  2. FarhanAxiq Reply

    its sound like soad mix up with mr bungie, i like it

  3. Egor Voronin Reply

    ^-^ yep ich bin ein fangirl geworden , na toll

  4. tonnot98 Reply

    I really hope they make a music video for this one too

  5. Soulless1666 Reply

    Best song from the album, imo. Raven Wine is great as well.

  6. Crazy Cunt Reply

    Sends shivers down my spine when i hear this album. im bout to cry.

  7. mike maravelas Reply

    best album of 2016, one of the greatest ever made, amazing

  8. Josh Giesbrecht Reply

    Guys… Fuck. Every song is just such an original piece of art. I don't even hear metal when I listen to you guys, it's something more than that
    It's different than all of the other metal out there. You are definitely everything I've ever wanted in a metal band. I rarely listen to metal but if this is what you guys are doing with it then count me back in. This is phenomenonal. From a fellow musician, hats off! Ps: Love the surf vibe here, genius! Also entire album so far is just mind blowingly good and original.

  9. xdogmax6 Reply

    Its like Mr. Bungle meets lamb of god!

  10. Robin Oe Reply

    does anybody know more songs like this kind of surf metal? (except mein land xD)

  11. Connor Faulkner Reply

    I love the Beach Boys kinda vibe haha! Another incredible album from a highly underrated band!

  12. HeidiHi Reply

    This song is amazing! Can't decide on a favorite song from this album yet, but this is definitely top 3. <3 Avatar m/

  13. Emma Harrington Reply

    you guys still kick ass and it was nice to meet you at Piere's here in Fort Wayne Indiana

  14. Natural Error Reply

    I've used YouTube a long time, but this album inspired to pre-order, and make a YouTube account…

  15. Fran Lovel Šimić Reply

    This is like Faith No More meets Beach Boys meets Melo Death, cant get enough of this album! Contender for the album of the year for sure! I find Avatar to be leading the modern Metal scene and they definitely need more recognition! m/

  16. MrDR7no Reply

    Imagine that when I watched this video with a dude claiming that Black Metal and Surf Music are pretty much the same thing musically I considered it crazy.. and indeed it is crazy yet it happens.. Here. (not at all saying that this is black metal or surf rock, but take a closer listen to the main riff..)

  17. Gorgar Reply

    empieza como megadeth jajaja

  18. TheSunMoon Reply

    Just afew years ago we had Ghost. Now Avatar will sweep the metal community as well.

  19. socomredbull Reply

    Reminds me Of Agent Orange ha I nailed it !

  20. x HnTr VDH x Reply

    Why is this the one thats called Art Video?