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  1. Carlos López Reply

    "anything to say?"
    yeah, where is my tooth?
    "MMmmmm, now is angel's problem sweety"

  2. gonmarce77 Reply

    español : que animal  por que no te lo atas en los testiculos y disparas tus bolas  por los aires . 

  3. gonmarce77 Reply

    what animal that I did not tie in the testes and shoot your testicles through the air.

  4. TheDiBoG Reply

    man that was awesome seriously!

  5. WolfsongStudios Reply

    so… basically instead of having the "tooth fairy" come to you, you just delivered it to them…. XD

  6. Tej Sidhu Reply

    That would hurt, what a brave little girl

  7. Anal Super Glue Reply

    How dare you disrespect a potato like that slicing it into a cilinder I can't even spell cilinder but then you start calling it a "price" of potato?! Potatoes have lives ya know they are just like you they go to the potato hospital, get a potato job and fap to potato p0rn!

  8. Earl Wood Reply

    Believe it or not, potato guns are now illegal! I kid you not!

  9. Hozue Reply

    Did it hurt because u didn't scream ow or it hurts

  10. CieraEiseleNumber9 Reply

    That's s much cooler alternative to tying your tooth to a door knob:)

  11. Cobbler Videos Reply

    Yeah, I mean, I really owe it to our planet to reduce the carbon emissions associated with traditional musket use. We all have to do our part.

  12. OriginalCandyHorse Reply

    So… at this point you're basically just making air powered muskets.

  13. Cobbler Videos Reply

    If we never did anything that wasn't safe we'd never have any fun, not to mention drive cars, cross the street, eat, use the stairs, etc. what we are looking at here is a calculated risk.

  14. adam Kujala Reply

    … IT WAS THAT WHO HITTED MY HEAD!! i always wonderd if it was a gift from god or some thing :S

  15. Cobbler Videos Reply

    The title of the video used to be, "Hello We're Here From Child Protective Services." That was the response I got back from my friends asking for title suggestions.

  16. Verbunden Reply

    i really dunno if its an american thing to pull those because over here (germany) everyone i know just waited till they fell out by themselves. sometimes i had the new tooth already growing under the one that is still hanging above it loosely haha.
    but it always was painless