Beating Hounds Tooth (Hounds Tooth Trials #3)

The bugs are arguably the strongest meta ship team currently out there. This is a variation in which Hounds Tooth starts and Sun Fac comes off the bench first. It is a pretty hard team to beat if you don’t have the proper strategy.

I normally start with Biggs, TFP, and FOTP; however, because Hound’s Tooth gains turn meter when its allies are hit while it isn’t taunting, it can mess up my plans to blow Geo Soldier up before he can move. I have tested a bit and have determined (initial testing) that Poe Dameron’s X-Wing is a great replacement for FOTP to start. I can burst down soldier’s protection with TFP’s special and then use Poe’s special to guarantee a massive crit which will kill or severely wound Geo Soldier. The enemy capital ship makes no difference in this lineup.

Opponent: Wot a Duffer (Team Instinct)
My Profile:

Reinforcement Abilities:
Tie Advanced (Purple: Maxed)
Tie Reaper (Purple: Maxed)

Chimaera Abilities:
All Abilities Maxed
Thrawn G12 (2 G12+ Piece)
One zeta

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  1. JayDeeMcMillan Reply

    Bravo. This give us f2p players hope. But can it be done with tarkin?