Bieksa Loses Tooth in Fight with Fisher

Anaheim Ducks defenceman Kevin Bieksa loses a tooth during Fight with Mike Fisher Fight Vs Nasville Predators

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  1. Tiffany R. Reply

    Sorry Carrie, I didn't find this hot.

  2. 777RockNRollin Reply

    Fisher is bad ass for his size ,… he takes on anyone ,.. at the end, he actually tries to save Beek's head from the ice ,,..that's CLASSY FISHER !!

  3. no name Reply

    Bieksa got more pops in… I'd say best of 3, we'd be seeing a dead fish'er

  4. Sandy Grungerson Reply

    Guys dancing around on skates, holding each other, looks gay AF

  5. foranimalwelfare Reply

    I dont get why they let them fight. The refs just kinda stood there and watched.

  6. joeipp98 Reply

    Watch the Fisher's hands as he keeps Bieksa's head from bouncing off the ice as they tumble after a good bout. That's hockey sportsmanship

  7. FromRussiaWithLove Reply

    Has Kevin Bieksa ever won a single fight he's instigated? What a shithead.

  8. Emem Drol Reply

    I'm suprised beaksoffatya dropped the gloves with fisher. Usually he picks softer guys to fight!

  9. M H Reply

    that goof bitchka got owned like usual

  10. Yair jones Reply

    a stupid fucking sport, just watch ufc!

  11. ebulating Reply

    It is so stupid how much fights are allowed in hockey.

  12. K.L Medinah Reply

    This is hockey or boxing cause even the commentators are talking like boxing commentators and impressive how they can fight and not fall down lol

  13. Jason Tom Reply

    ALTERNATE Captain. Jesus, are these real sports professionals doing the play by play?

  14. bubbathenaslover Reply

    Carrie Underwood gets turned on by this? How fucking psychotic.

  15. vitormcz Reply

    And the referees just stand there watching this savagery? What's the matter with this sport?

  16. PsychicRaccoon Reply

    For a guy who fights so often Bieksa sure seems to get beaten up a lot.

  17. Immersed Reply

    Ok – English person here who's never seen hockey. I'm confused, is this just accepted an allowed to run it's course? It's like it turned in to boxing and everyone was just ok with it? wtf, I guess that Fisher guy gets charged with assault now?

  18. cons_line Reply

    I think he'll be more famous in UFC.. Hahaha! Thanks for sending me here James Corden Carpool Karaoke.. lol

  19. ReallyFilthyToad Reply

    Recently met someone who did this to a guy on the streets and got sentenced and had to pay for the teeth. He found this not cool at all.

  20. seb edward Reply

    OMG the hockey commentators are doing a running commentary of the fight as if to justify it LMFAO while the refs do nothing, I can understand why the sport isn't take seriously enough thanks to the good old U.S. of A

  21. Alannah Mullin Reply

    I came here from James Corden, I'm sorry Carrie but this was not hot lmao

  22. bctopper Reply

    Haha. Hockey players have the intelligence of cavemen I swear.

  23. Watittakes2 Reply

    This game is madness, how is this legal?

  24. Alex Cross Reply

    For a self proclaimed Christian, punching a guy repeatedly in the face over a game does not seem like what Jesus preached.

  25. Mxxna Reply

    Came here after Carrie said his fight was "hot" on James Corden's Carpool video 😂 😂

  26. CreampieGainz Reply

    and at the end of the day fisher goes home and puts his summer sausage in carrrie underwood