BIOLASE Presents “My First Laser Visit” from Tooth Tales

Millions of adults were traumatized by visiting the dentist as children… the scary needle, the screech of the drill, the numb lip afterward. Fortunately, today you can protect your kids from that experience. The WaterLase laser can fix cavities without the needle, numb lip or noise. If you’re a parent, your child will thank you. If you’re one of those adults who is still afraid of the dentist, relax… you can go back again – just find a WaterLase dentist at And, hey, if you’re a dentist, please, Please, PLEASE do the right thing for your patients and get a WaterLase laser. And get this cool video from Tooth Tales at !

15 Replies

  1. Sharon Hocutt Reply


  2. REE Thomson Reply

    @John Fan is there REALLY such thing as WaterLase today?

  3. Haketh Reply

    Why am I watching this

  4. SwampertGamer14 Reply

    The guy in green looks like jake long from american dagon

  5. DistantLives Reply

    When I was a child they barely ever used any anesthetics, EVER. 🙂

  6. 47chromeAKs Reply

    not sure if dr. christina is talking to mom or to me

  7. TheDingleBruthers Inc. Reply

    Lol i wish my dentist had this machine!!! I got so nervess i threw up right after they were done puttin on the crown!!! i dont get fillins because they hurt more!!

  8. foreverdamned12 Reply

    I wish my dentist had this…. I had a root canal and it hurt when they injected that syringe filled with that numbness….. then in the middle they had given me too little and it started to hurt …. alot!!! and the had to go back and do it again …… im still scared of him……