Bossk’s Personal Ship the Hound’s Tooth – YV-666 Light Freighter – Star Wars Ships Explained

Bossk’s ship was a YV-666 Light Freighter that he called the Hound’s Tooth, and it was not just used by Bossk, but by other bounty hunters like Latts Rassi, Boba Fett, Ahsoka Ventress, C-21 Highsinger, and Dengar. See how this ship compared to the YT-1300 and YT-2400, the Millennium Falcon and the Outrider, as well a its Z-95 Headhunter.

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25 Replies

  1. youtubeurcomment benjamin Reply

    DUDE DID you just call han solo and dash BOUNTY HUNTERS ??????? they are smugglers !!! in legends they even said word for word that they hates BH cause they are just a step short of slavers

  2. post malone Reply

    is it me or the more i watch this vids, the more i dislike han solo? like he is an asshole, he fucked up bosks ship and ruined dengars life

  3. Larry L. Reply

    dash randar was called expendable guy in that vid… other than that, loved it

  4. Kumii0 Reply

    Dash Rendar captain of the OutRider and Han Solo captain of the Millenium Falcon were both smugglers, not bounty hunters.

  5. Good Name Reply

    Boy, it sure does look pretty ugly, but i guess its built like a tank.

  6. Horizon Studios Reply

    Wait you said he got the ship after he got his ship destroyed by Han, and that he got the Hounds Tooth before the clone wars, that contradicts what the Solo movie says as he got the Falcon during the Imperial era

  7. jackwhitetron Reply

    Seems like a poor design for a ship, especially for a cargo transport. Awkward shape.

  8. amusement420 Reply

    X-wing miniatures Party Bus! The 'mini' is so large it spends half the game off the base. the family guy Bossk joke 'didn't I see you fight Capt Kirk' lol

  9. Lunatech26111 Reply

    Wookie Fur is murder? and bombing Trandoshian Hatcheries is not? yes Wookies Did that, it was one of there go to strategies during the "Blood Wars" 6 different conflicts that flared up when the long standing Hatreds between The Wookies and Trandoshians boiled over into full scale war during different points in galactic history. Well only 5 now as the 6th happened after the Yuuzhan Vong War. also point of fact in every one of those wars; the Trandos shot first, but the the Walking Carpets started it.

  10. Paul jan Kootje Reply

    maybe do a video about the AEG-77 Vigo?
    It's a ship that hasn't been mentioned or talked about much.

  11. ANTI HERO Reply

    They should make a bounty hunter trilogy staring boba fett and the rest of the gang

  12. Darth Derp Reply

    I would like to get this ship that came from probably hell

  13. spiritweird Reply

    If I remember correctly from the book Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, it was mentioned that the Hounds Tooth also had the unusual ability to make a very wide angle turn while in hyperspace flight.

  14. dar'man beskar Ordo Reply

    1:30 Amazing my ass, the slave 1 has way more fire power and is much smaller, also the ship has not anti capital ship weapons despite being the size of a small Corvette.