Butterfly + Fenrir’s Tooth – Items Guide | Arena of Valor

Butterfly’s build definitely is worth your time studying. It’s so complicated that… sometimes even the pros make mistakes. Some of you must know what it refers to. Anyways, it’s still one of the best item guide of Butterfly on YouTube. Enjoy and leave your comments!

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  1. VLM Reply

    Game run on the samsung j6(octa core)?

  2. Joey MSP Reply

    Hey I have a question why can't I enter practice with Annette??

  3. Aditya Yadav Reply

    Where can i have my problems for aov solved???

  4. Babe Ng Reply

    I would say as a bf player that there is much more things for a pro bf player would use and do

  5. steven teoh Reply

    Shitty narrator, bring back the old narrator

  6. David M. Reply

    Outro by Dave: “…love you guys, and I’ll see you next time!”
    CONFIRMED Dave is taking over AOV

  7. Dis My Account Reply

    If violet doesn't gets nerfed I'm quitting this game

  8. Amirruz zack Reply

    Pls gave us the old model of butterfly the new one is to sexy(stripper)

  9. Super Scopez [AoV] Reply

    I hate to upset Butterfly users but I gotta say that Butterfly users (not all) are one of the reasons the Valiant server is cancerous af

  10. Foamy Diamond Reply

    Can I ask for a video, "How to counter Butterfly?

  11. Ad N Reply

    There's a lot of execute as talent in the clips, how come do you suggest Leviathan?

  12. Veynnn Reply

    Hey. Put this on the home screen so the stupid butterfly players stop focusing tanks and only building damage items. Also. NERF VALHEIN! Hes abusing frost cape

  13. Mystical Rico Reply

    Crimson Banner will dead. Used him before he gone

  14. Smile To Win Reply

    Butterfly very strong, I will build for her in my channel in the near future.

  15. Kurosu Lachel Reply

    I don't know why, everytime i played with a butterfly main. They tend to not use the cursor control on her ultimate, and just button mash it and ended up attacking a creep instead. lmao.

    "There goes your free kill, dude"

  16. Tùng Nguyễn Reply

    Fun fact:
    More than 70% players will pick bf for jungle in platinum tanked