Can You Clean Your Toilet Bowl With Coca-Cola?

Can You Clean Your Toilet Bowl With Coca-Cola? this is a video response to this video
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37 Replies

  1. Kay Davis Reply

    Walmart sells a cleaner made by Zep that works in seconds for the hard water/ mineral stains.

  2. Janakee McDonough Reply

    Coke to clean the toilet bowl is a REALLY BIG BIB SCAM

  3. Morris Rez Reply

    Bad experiment, the coke is supposed to cover the dirt for it to work. She just poured it into the water where it was already clean. And about the dirty bowl, she clearly said it the beginning of the video that "it killed her" not to clean the dirt so that she could do the test, how anyone could miss is beyond me.

  4. Vanessa Smith Reply

    This did not work at all for my toilet. So a hands down as a cleaning method !!

  5. Greg Romy Reply

    So fake. You only shit on the sides? Creep

  6. Simon D Reply

    How the hell you let it get so bad!

  7. Andre Reply

    She's crazy, first of all she didnt get rid of the existing water already in the toilet, she didnt leave the coke in there long enough and she didnt scrub it. Its no wonder her toilet is in that state, lazy girl

  8. worddunlap Reply

    NASTY. Just put some clorox in it every couple days and clean the damn thing.

  9. Michael Javert Reply

    You should just add the whole bottle. That stuff is not good for consumption and is not what it was when it was invented.

  10. Janina Walker Reply

    How about soaking a few paper towels in CLR that you can buy from a hardware store and leave it on the stain all around so it takes a few towels and leave it on more than 2 hours to be sure.  Use rubber gloves to do this to protect your hands.

    The rub strongly also with the rubber gloves on and use those soaked paper towels to try and rub off the stain after the time soaking it.

  11. Marie Lynn Reply

    You're supposed to scrub the toilet with the coke still in it. It MUST be scrubbed.

  12. Vyko Den Reply

    Your toilet will only hold a specific amount of liquid before auto-flushing. This is why the edges didn't get clean. You should turn off the water to the toilet and drain the tank. Then fill the bowl as high as the stain is with Coke.

  13. Bron Reply

    How could it possibly clean above the toilet line when you didn’t pour the coke onto it, only in the water!!!???

  14. Gil Adolfo Reply

    im pretty sure the toilet's high

    ya know wut i mean

  15. Gil Adolfo Reply

    why do you have power outlets in the bathroom???

  16. cubecube bean Reply

    Don't give up. Plug the drain hole with gloves on first and use entire bottle of Coke and leave it there overnight. Before you flush it, scrub it a little bit. And other hack you may try is vinegar and scrub it with aluminum foil with gloves on.

  17. Toni Francis Reply

    I think the water should have been drained first!

  18. real deal Reply

    Finally, there is a use for coke!!

  19. Honey Beez Reply

    Why does she say "helloooo" with her right ring finger down?

  20. 426 SUPER BEE Reply

    Why waste a good coke? Just use 3 cups of beach and let it set for a hour or 2 >       I LET SET ALL DAY UNTIL I POOP

  21. Marc G Reply

    Because of all the cleaning uses for coke I stopped drinking it long ago. Ewww

  22. Erik Brickman Reply

    you do need to leave it overnight and then scrub it