Cavity Jane gets a cavity in her tooth.

Gisele’s Big Backyard tackles the topic of dental health for preschoolers in a series entitled, “The Brush Up Bunch”. Created in consultation with the Ontario Dental Association, “The Brush Up Bunch” is a series of fun and educational Segments set in the Wild West. These segments star GBBY’s Melvin as “Pearly White”, a cavity fighting cowskunk who uses his dental floss lasso to persuade brush punk “Cavity Jane” that brushing and flossing is the way to dental bliss.

In this episode, Cavity Jane gets a cavity, but with Dr. Roo’s help, gets a filling and finds out what she can do to prevent cavities.

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  1. Neal Foster Reply

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  2. Riyaj Khan Reply

    I like the scene when the old lady is shouting

  3. Vidya Kadam Reply