Chain Saw HACK 1 – Chop Saw

Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I’ll show you Chain Saw HACK 1 – Chop Saw Some stuff I used:

The Chain saw STIGA 405 2HP

The Belt 10 mm

The Ball bearings UCPA 201 x2

The Metal cutting blade 300 x 32 x 3,2 mm

A Set of home made pulley 1:1,75

One aluminum sheet (cover)

What do I think about this modification? My saw was unregulated and didn’t have full power. Pulley in the saw should be made from hard material (hard wood, aluminium or steel)

The spring washers must be used in all screw.

For certainty you must use a counter nut to fix the blade.

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22 Replies

  1. Gašper Ajdnik Reply

    You are a wery smart guy😎. Greetings from Slovenia 🇸🇮

  2. pufarinu Reply

    is wood resistant enough for those pulleys?

  3. James Osmos Reply

    классная модификация бензоплики
    теперь это нечто большее чем большая болгарка

  4. TheJR1948 Reply

    6:08. a 300 mm cutting wheel. Needs flanges of at least 100mm. The flanges you have used are only suitable for a 230mm cutting wheel This is dangerous. And should not be used.
    What happened to the clutch drum? the cutting wheel is constantly turning, which is illegal. also the wheel is touching the ground when it should clear the ground. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

  5. abcsukrnet Reply

    Це перетворює пилку на бензоріз. Ідеально для автономної роботи

  6. rolink Sam Reply

    Zrobił po to żeby pociąć rusztowanie warszawskie mistrz

  7. jammin jimmy Reply

    I love watching these guys with the mega shops…. you know??? The kind of dude that can fabricate a friggin helicopter out of beer cans over a long weekend!!!

  8. Utubr Reply


    Is it possible to make trencher saw to lay cable?

  9. TheAlbert Reply

    Witam jakiej wielkości mają być koła pasowe