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  1. Jesse Morrow Reply

    1) lots of people right?  They graze in the Park
    2) It's the 70s; we weren't so overprotective of children (or llamas) back then.

  2. liquid3600 Reply

    When I was a little kid I used to sing this all the time and my mother told me to sing it right or knock it off because she thought the song was supposed to be "Me and my mama" and that I was singing those lyrics to disrespect her. I KNEW it was a god damned llama all along!  After all these years I'm finally vindicated.

  3. bigdog41407 Reply

    2:33 – I think the girl needs the dentist more than the llama does…

  4. lewis beaver Reply

    im in the burbs and cant own a llama …. WTF

  5. clancy76 Reply


  6. PHRONESIS Reply

    Llamas have razor sharp teeth and think of murder all day, that little girl is lucky to be alive.

  7. Liza Cyno Reply

    Did anyone else compare the teeth of the girl to the llama and think they were kinda…well…similar? When you saw this as a kid I mean!

  8. Cardboard Box Reply

    Never mess with a 7 year old girl walking a llama down a big city sidewalk.

  9. Cardboard Box Reply

    I've had this stuck in my head all day. I should point out that parents may not want to buy their young daughter a huge animal with teeth the size of adult fingers. Just a tip.

  10. Natasha Isaac Reply

    I think of this llama every time I have my teeth cleaned… And the song too… I watched way too much Sesame Street as a child.

  11. A Modern Home Companion Reply

    2 answers:

    1) Probably a lot of people in the 70s 😉

    2) Who is going to mess with a girl with a llama?!

  12. FashionChica Reply

    This still baffles me, decades later…gotta love Sesame Street's creativity…but damn those furry goats, er Llama teeth look jacked up!

  13. Jesusfreak7X77 Reply

    a llama is a great pet i love the song, me and my llama

  14. aemiller Reply

    I remember watching this as a kid and asking those same questions. That llama still haunts me today.

  15. Libby Molamphy Reply

    Thank you for posting this. It's one of my all-time favorites from when I was a kid!

  16. Dominique DjeDje Reply


  17. Ashwin Reply

    exactly, you hit it right on the head

  18. fuqkme Reply

    this video is a socialist plot to corrupt the minds of all freedom-loving americans.

  19. godfatherNYC Reply

    it's actually extremely common. even though the apartments are pretty small, i lived there for years, and i can assure you, tons of people have llamas as pets there.

  20. Pandz gaming Reply

    Loved that video when I was a kid, and I just let my son watch it for the first time. Thanks for posting it!

  21. Joe Thompson Reply

    @ redheaven17 – me too!!! A Llama can't be mentioned without my brain reverting to this song. It's tripped out that some things from childhood just stick with you for the rest of your life.

  22. jtomally9681 Reply

    I use to make fun of the song here when I was a kid. Instead of 'llama' I use to say 'mama'.

  23. locdogg18750 Reply

    Hahah at the end as she's walking there is a lady in a tan coat that totally does a double take like "WTF?"

  24. Robert Burke Reply

    even llamas know jewish dentists are the best!

  25. joelmbarr Reply

    That llama looks like a girl I used to date in NYC…same teeth. Oy.

  26. Jack Wolf Reply

    oh my gosh, every time i hear this, the song gets stuck in my head and i never can get it out even after i listen to radio, haha 🙂

  27. Steve Austin Reply

    when ever i saw this. even as a kid. i silently wished that llama would spit right in the dentists face…