Coca Cola Knocks Tooth out!

Surprise! Coca Cola can knocks tooth out LOL We learn how to make teeth from colors rock! This may look like fun pretend toys and play, kids, but cans and bottles are no joke Lol! Watch out for the dodge balls and brush your teeth!

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32 Replies

  1. JesseAndMike Reply

    First! LOL! Make sure you guys "thumbs up" the video, it helps us! And subscribe to us if you haven't already and turn the notification bell on! Did you see the hidden horse in this video?? Let us know in the comments! 😀

  2. Twinkle Fisher Reply

    The horse was next to Mike when his arm got stuck in the wall

  3. Ivan Zhou Reply

    YES I SAWED IT it was like there when mike’s are got stuck

  4. Bigred Reply

    That face though 😂😂😂 1:04

  5. Savannah Galsworthy Reply

    I saw the horse I love your vids

    Spot odd one out

  6. Ebraheem Reply

    I love eating popcorn when things get good

  7. Jimmie Shipp Reply

    Why do you eat popcorn people why you do it for fun why you do this can you tell me why I really want to adjust your fidget spinner so can I have one for free

  8. Jimmie Shipp Reply

    In the background when he first got his arm stuck in the world with with robot arm I saw the horse