Coldplay – Yellow

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38 Replies

  1. Michele Pirrone Reply

    i took a shit, i took a shit foooor you and all the things you do cause they were all brownish

  2. Mazni Mustafa Reply

    This is my first video post in facebook. Not knowing anything at all

  3. Rahul Kumania Reply

    Stonner people just try to listen this song when u are high you will be out of this world

  4. Slaloulin Reply

    I just realized that the skies were fake hahah, great song nonetheless

  5. Ricardo 7000 Tineo Gonzalez Reply

    happy birthday my love Ivanka Trump🇺🇸🇩🇴🎂🍨🍾🌠🎈🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Cristina Ramirez Reply

    i love this song with all my heart, it is so beautiful, ❤️

  7. BIJITA BOSE Reply

    Yes they are all yellow.
    Look at the stars they are shine for you…

  8. Rich Kretzschmar Reply

    What an interesting melody full of mystery.  And the visual "Media" is presented all in one dolly shot with our host walking upon the sand.  "Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful"  is a solid clue lyric set as to an identity being spoken of and the mystery for the solving.  Seven years after this songs publish date researchers from Cognitive Vatican Sciences & (fx) Kretzschmar have discovered that the members of Coldplay were secretly mixing Coke and Sprite when conjuring up the lyrics to this song.  This mixing of light rays yielded a Yellow toned – phantom apparition nymph child – named "Melyn" from her Red and Green parents Viktor *Latin "Conqueror" &  Amalija  *Teutonic "Defender".  Sources in the White House can not confirm nor deny that the wife of Donald John Trump is in fact a Rainbow Girl of the 590 nm realm however Mr. Trump himself has verified that she has at one time indeed said "Yes".  These facts being stated in a truthful manor is it fair and proper to call a Presidents wife The Haur of Babylon?"  Notice that the length of this video is 1:34 Min, very much like the value of a crown with a star.

  9. Russel Paz Reply

    this music is the type that hugs people's souls.

  10. Patrii 27 Reply

    Hoy es mi cumpleaños y amo este tema queria escucharlo estando sola. Y llueve mucho afuera. Pienso y la nostalgia tiene un dulce sabor…felices 29 años a mii. = ) Saludito desde Bs As. Argentina.

  11. Louis Hitman Reply

    this song was so ahead of it's time…looks like it released after 2010

  12. Manish Singh Chauhan Reply

    This was my first Coldplay song….still in love with Yellow…..18 years flew past.

  13. ANBAT Chanel Reply

    LISTEN IN 2018

  14. Nucolas Gabriel Reply

    Brasil 2018…ou só eu q gosto de musica boa nesse pais…?

  15. John Tretola Reply

    I feel younger hearing this song. It is a lovely song. Not sure what the lyrics mean but it doesn't matter the music moves my soul.

  16. Devesh Patil Reply

    All 36k ppl who disliked it are orange😑😒😂

  17. Enis Karabulut Reply

    What simple and effective words: "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you."

  18. Milo Y Reply

    I'll be here in 8102 ❤️

  19. Ori J Reply

    reminds me of a good friend

  20. Maika Qiqiwaqa Reply

    you guys are still my favourite band since 2009. Love yous:]

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