Confessions of a Tooth Fairy written and performed by Kristen Wiig & Melinda Hill

Melinda Hill and Kristen Wiig perform at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood, CA.

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  1. HOOA Golf Reply

    Both of these ladies are funny but Melinda's timing is spot-on. I've become a fan! She's destroying!
    I am currently studying at the Groundlings. It's an amazing learning experience. I look forward to performing on this stage.

  2. Sparkle P8nter Reply

    How was Melinda Hill not asked to join SNL too!! They are so funny together!!

  3. Co Ran Reply

    I almost didn't recognize Kristen with some meat on her bones. Love her though!

  4. princessshortie29 Reply

    I love this skit so much lol. Sometimes my mom and I recite parts of it because we see something that reminds us of this. I will never get tired of watching this.

  5. 545videos Reply

    love kristen but find melinda hill funnier here!

  6. Tessa Ryan Reply

    55 people were spat on by tooth fairies.

  7. cord19661 Reply

    We mention that they are female because we are picturing going down on them.

  8. Caeli Richard Reply

    Kristen Wiig is one of the funniest comedians ever. Holy cow. xD

  9. Joe Bones Reply

    Kristen Wiig is right there with Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnette

  10. Lauren Roddy Reply

    @PenaltyKillah She's the lead in the Apatow movie Bridesmaids which comes out in a few weeks! 🙂

  11. Cayla Bauer Reply

    Oh my gosh. HILARIOUS!!!!!! So creative, I love them, this is one of my favorites for sure

  12. Joe Bones Reply

    I hear a lot of Gilda in those accents! No surprise since Kristin is the 'heir apparent' when it comes to funny characters! Not to discount Cheri O'Teri and Molly Shannon

  13. Jason Bradford Reply

    Sometimes I spit on the children……LOLOL. Soooooo funny! I love it.

  14. MsMisoFly Reply

    This is a great! I love Kristen Wiig!

  15. icatchlife Reply

    @3mendoza3 Or ever. I'm a woman and I can honestly say that not many woman comedians are actually funny. Most are obnoxious and all they talk about is men and PMS. She's just flat out HILARIOUS.

  16. mebeNikki Reply

    Hahahahha omg the ending hahahahhaha i can't stop laughing

  17. Christina Dodson Reply

    hysterical – both melinda hill and kristen are a riot. i wanna see more melinda

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