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  1. I'm with Foxy Reply

    Wanna hear a true story? I was eating a hot dog at wayback (my grandparents resturaunt) I swallowed my tooth and the tooth fairy or parents come LEFT FIVE DOLLARS UNDER MAH PILLOW AND LEFT GLITTER IN MY KITCHEN EVERYWHERE

  2. pink. pastries Reply

    She really just edit this video. It's. Sparkly things
    Besides i'ts not a tooth fairy it is a fake film and
    Shes awake she is just predending to sleep im gonna give this
    Video a1 like if the people agree my answers??

  3. bromanbro the2nd Reply

    I lost a tooth and didn't tell my mom so when I woke up the next morning, It was still there. I told my mom about it, then she just laughed and said it was a myth.

  4. Dragbum Reply

    I believe in the tooth fairy cause…well this is my brothers account I'm his little sister yeah so his tooth fell out and he didn't tell no one not even me but told me barley…and he still got $2.00

  5. Abhinash Baruah Reply

    I don't know why people give fake videos such a bunch of stupid losing their minds,buffaloes!!

  6. Twentyonepilots Fan forever Reply

    the tooth fairy is fake because in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of my mum taking my tooth and putting 2 pounds under my pillow

  7. Deavion Moultrie Reply

    tooth fairy fake when I got my tooth out and I woke up and no money

  8. Ruksana Sarwar Reply

    it is animated u think people r not going to notice that

  9. Yolo Bro Reply

    ya and im about to loos a tooth that is face because that do not look real

  10. Gina D Reply

    I think you should be honset with your kids once they are 8 or 9.

  11. Karrie Cam Reply

    DUH! Its freaking edited you dumbo. Who do you think we are?

  12. The Savage Reply

    the f**** Tooth Fairy real you can believe that Roman Reigns Style

  13. Kylee Evilsizer Reply

    i do brush my teath tats not nice to say by the way i turnd 10 december 2 and i will show my parents see wat you said mene

  14. Jordan Lacroix Reply

    I am five and I don't even believe I. The toothe fairy,santa,or the Easter bunny