Dave Rawlings & Gillian Welch – Sweet Tooth

from NPR Tiny Desk

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  1. Philip Bates Reply

    I’m guilty of having a sweet tooth. I love my sweets!

  2. j ditty Reply

    Tasty guitar, great harmony…love it!

  3. Hugo Siqueiros Reply

    The ways they fuse into each other, musically, is just amazing :')

  4. Timothy Sickel Reply

    Possibly the greatest known songwriters of this generation… Wow!

  5. cflonnes Reply

    Excuse my French (like my Grandma used to say) but, FUCK YEAH!!!

  6. Ben Jammin Reply

    These two clearly don't have a sweet tooth.  Great music !

  7. redshaftedflicker Reply

    If Townes and Blaze were with us they would be collaborating with Gillian and David no doubt about it.

  8. Soemselbroems Reply

    With Capo 10th Fret –  there' s finally space enough in the smallest room

  9. Ellen Henry Reply

    I want the written lyrics so I can sing along!

  10. JFBrinkerMusic Reply

    Welches Mikro benutzen die beiden hier? Klingt fantastisch. So eins muß ich auch haben.

  11. tentrevue Reply

    Six dentists disliked this video.

  12. Daddio Reply

    Superb!! Two of my favorites. He's got magic fingers!!

  13. konnyturtle Reply

    David Rawlings is a genious!!
    The best folk singer songwriter guitarplayer of all times

  14. 7evenunicorns Reply

    I would love to trawl through that album collection!!!!!!!

  15. yossarian hunter Reply

    @MrBitsdu & now that i've watched this again, i'm not sure you saw the same performance i did… Gillian seems to be having a fuckin'-a good time here…

    & yes, David is a nice guy… i met him once, and found him to be a real genuine, down-to-earth mofo…

  16. yossarian hunter Reply

    @MrBitsdu not at all… she watches him intently so as to not miss any impromptu changes or ad libs he might throw in… it's an essential part of that wonderful concept called "chemistry"…

    & as far as the sparkle in her eyes, NPR tapes these joints pretty early in the day, which is kind of the devil for a traveling musician… easy to not look yr best after a long night's gig then drive…

  17. Chris Edens Reply

    Despite looiking a little bit older. I'd still marry either one of them.