Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fight tooth-and-nail for the Intercontinental Title: WWE TLC 2018

Former allies Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins lock horns in a vicious brawl for The Kingslayer’s Intercontinental Championship: Courtesy of WWE Network.


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26 Replies

  1. Dean Ambrose Reply

    Who wants to see Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins for Universal Championship and Drew McCintyre vs The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 35

  2. Carlos Vazquez Reply

    What kind match was it, damn it I am glad sorta that Dean won the intercontinental title…..

  3. johnsos9 Reply

    These Shield guys are boring as hell. I cannot be the only one who is sick of them being forced on fans as the top guys in the company. Neither are entertaining in the slightest.

  4. ♤ K I N G ♤ Reply

    Boring match
    And it wasn't Rollins' fault
    Dean fought as slow as… a brick
    Basically Rollins carried all the match

  5. Garry Martinez Reply

    gargano vs clampa was more boring then this boring match

  6. broad_yt Reply

    Dean ambrose has gotten better at his skills

  7. SparkyKnight69 Reply

    Would have been an amazing match if Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and pulled a Lance Storm career vasectomy on these two silly goofberries

  8. Gan Zilla Reply

    meh i am seth rollins fan but i dont care about dean winning because you know they are probably just gonna reunite in the sheild

  9. Kaushik Reddy Reply

    Boring n soft match, didn't back up the hated feud they were building for one month,very much disappointing, they dhould learn from Daniel Bryan n AJ Style…even Rollins vs Zeigler matches were 100 times better

  10. Juan Velasquez Reply

    Perfect seth deserves all the humiliation for all he did to dean when he sold out I didn't forget that

  11. Aden Yong Reply

    When Roman reigns returns,he will bring the shield back.Good luck roman!

  12. Mikey Payne Reply

    WWE Dean Ambrose did not turn heel plus Roman Reigns will turn heel on tribute to the troops plus the shield is still together plus Dean Ambrose is still a good guy (baby face) plus Dean Ambrose is only swerving every one 2 months a go plus Dean Ambrose is still on the heroes wikipedia plus Dean Ambrose is not a heel plus the shield did not break up plus Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins is still a tag team friends brothers in arms and allies plus Roman Reigns will turn heel by attacking Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (Team AmbRollins) on tribute to the troops

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