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  1. Edward Tew Reply

    The dentist I've gone to always use the barb tool to chip at me teeth hella and one time put a huge hole in my tooth which now has a cavity in it which it wouldn't it their wasn't a hole there to begin with. That's the only part I'm scared of.

  2. Riya Shankar Reply

    great video! i am always scared to visit the dentist. now i wont be scared anymore. thank you for such a great explanation doc. Marina Medical Centre, wait for me!

  3. Lycosa Reply

    I dont so much. At checkup im pretty much 95% relaxed. But when doing a filling to teeth, i get super sweatyt sweatty

  4. T.E.N. Family Dentistry Reply

    Dr. Gordon,
    Thanks for sharing your process for a 6 month check up. It's always good to see how others do their check ups so I can continue to learn from my colleagues. Thanks for producing and sharing!

  5. Brayden T Reply

    fillings(grey color) are filled in (fixed cavities) no longer called cavities.

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  7. ama387 Reply

    i saw caveties didnt u guys??