Dental Crown Placement

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On no! That accident playing ball has resulted in a chipped tooth. No problem! A dental crown, which is a tooth-shaped cap, will not only strengthen the tooth and, but also improve its appearance. Soon no one will be able to detect the difference. During this interactive dental procedure, you will be able to place both a temporary crown and permanent crown to improve the appearance and structure of our patient’s tooth. In addition, you will also learn about the different types of dental crowns and the reasoning for using metal, porcelain, and ceramic materials in their composition. Our patient is ready, so let’s scrub in!

27 Replies

  1. I got 2 crowns fitted end of Nov 2017 and both fell out after 4 weeks. I suspect my dentist cut my teeth too short. Seen stand in dentist who has temporarily cement them in. Lost all confidence now they will last long time. I go back 3rd Jan 2018 to see my own dentist.

  2. amir chater Reply

    useful video overall , However few mistakes exists:
    The show picture of the supposed (temporary crown in the begining) is actually a full denture.
    The case shows the 2nd incisive and not a canina (number 2 not 3) ..

  3. MobileDecay Reply

    The worst part about this process is when they snap your old tooth in half with a wrench! The process takes a while but don't let that discourage you from going through with it. You'll only have to spend a few weeks in the hospital and if you recover you'll have a great smile! Just make sure you have life insurance though. 👍😃

  4. Judith Ansley Reply

    Dentists visits aren't that bad. Once they numb you, which is only a few little tiny pinches, no pain after that. Great

  5. julieann522 Reply

    that was a great demenstaion for a cartoon thank you

  6. Diana Tijerina Reply

    What about desinfeting before permanent dental crown is that important ????

  7. Grap32M33tY0u Reply

    I had got a root canal a week ago and a temporary crown. in couple weeks I go in for my permanat. one kind of nervous how that's going to go

  8. D Gabriela Vargas Reply

    could somebody tell me what is the difference between this crown this doctor is fitting and a veneer? thanks

  9. D Gabriela Vargas Reply

    could somebody tell me if this dentist drill down the all the back of the tooth as well as the front? thanks

  10. Sluffnut Reply

    That drill sound is so immersive, I feel like I'm playing skyrim

  11. Sluffnut Reply

    That drill sound is so immersive, I feel like I'm playing skyrim

  12. Mario S Reply

    Nice drilling sounds 😀☺

  13. Manish Kohad Reply

    great information . my family dentist doctor did the same thing & now everything is so so good with my tooth dentures. all thanks! to that dentist. 😄😆😃😇

  14. Emily Tom Reply

    Oh god im so scared rn… Gonna have to get one of these soon and I am absolutely TERRIFIED of dentists and needles and stuff

  15. Kelly Wilson Reply

    I got two temp crowns today it feels annoying

  16. Krissy Ciammitti Reply

    going tomorrow for my very back molder tooth not looking forward to this at all 🙁

  17. usa gal Reply

    I have 4 crowns done 22 years ago on my front teeth. It has sliver inside and porcelain out. They are still good to go without anything. One had chipped alittle now. So, old is gold. 22 years!