Dental Health : Can You Pop an Abscessed Tooth?

While an abscess can be popped to help drain some of the infection, it does not eliminate the infection completely. Discover how dentists can eliminate an abscess from its origin with tips from a dentist in this free video on dental health and oral hygiene.

Expert: Dr. Mike Glasmeier
Bio: Dr. Mike Glasmeier is a member of the American Dental Association.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  1. Superhero Universe Reply

    Has a filling teeth a stages? After a certain stage a teeth cannot be filled

  2. Maria Pesina Reply

    I wish I can see the dentist but my dad always gets mad when I need to go to the doctor or dentist “there’s alsways something wrong with you”

  3. adam G Reply

    Popped mine..instant relief.. going to see dentist tomorrow

  4. Wzystko Cokham Reply

    It's amazing what the body does!!! It raises the abscess to head and POP! THERE SHE BLOWS…BURSTING WITH FLAVOR OF CREAM COLORED PUS!!!! YUM YUM!

  5. Steve Fox Reply

    I have an interesting situation, for the past two years I had been getting really bad tooth ache upper left or right back teeth, dentist even gave me root treatment thinking it was a tooth, turns out my maxillary sinuses are very full brought on by acid reflux from four years ago though the acid reflux is now under control.
    I keep getting gum boils either upper rear side, had one huge one on the left two weeks ago, one on the right this morning and these are right back where my wisdom teeth would be if I had not had them taken out when they were coming through, I have about one gum boil a month, the dentist wants to xray me again but I am not keen as I was xrayed two weeks ago so I am suggesting a MRI. the dentist thinks it is possible my sinusitis is leaking into my gums from my maxillary sinuses.
    I have very good dental hygiene and always have had, the worry is I lose all my back upper teeth.

  6. PenweddigPongers Reply

    dude your the man, just popped mine now and OH MY F***%$% GOD the pain relief is amazing! although maybe not all bacteria has gone i may now be able to sleep and go see dentist tomorrow to get rid of the remaining crap

  7. Bossmanrocks Reply

    Can a diabetic's lanced be used. The person with the abcess doesn't have diabetes, btw.

  8. Mario Santiago Reply

    What if the abscess isn't on the front of the gum, but on the back? I am having pain and there is a lot of pressure building. i don't have dental insurance either so I'm trying to find a way to get rid of this.

  9. GetFluxed Reply

    Dental bacteria flow down through your oesophagus to your stomach, not to your lungs because the bacteria is slowed not inhaled. Many dentists and GPs discuss periodontal abscess and agree that it can be lanced responsibly at home. Obviously, going to a health professional is preferable, but the pain of an abscess can be excruciating if left untreated, and when facing long waiting times for professional treatment, may be the better short term solution.

  10. RazzyDiane Reply

    The problem is that not everybody can afford to see a dentist and dentists are not willing to take payments. It is cheaper to see a doctor than it is a dentist. I can remember when it used to be the other way around.

  11. Meri Bechtel Reply

    This is my dentist!! He is so awesome! He took care of my multiple abscesses, pulled some badly decayed teeth, and Cindy then helped me with finances to ensure that I could afford my sedation so that I wouldn't have to be aware of what was going on. I have another couple of visits to go before I can finally have my snap-on smile, but I LOVE this dentist! ♥

  12. kalumnist Reply

    One way to address a periodontal abscess, hopefully before it flares, is to get a Scaling & Root Planing (SRP) on the affected tooth. Which hopefully will reach down to the level of the abscess and help it drain. Then to clean it out by aspirating it with a Kendal 23 guage endodontic needle and syringe. Can buy the needles on line. Or if you have a gum boil don't be squeamish! Sterilize an exacto knife and do what you have to do.

  13. DeadManSalad Reply

    exactly, all your doing by going to a doctor is letting someone with experience who may be more thorough than you, mostly cause its harder for you to see the wound your cleaning. I go to the doctor if their is cellulitis going on, and thats to make sure i havent contracted MRSA, – havent had a mouth abcess yet, so im speaking from dermal experiences

  14. Beyond The Veil Reply

    The medical industry LOVES scared little people like you! They thrive on it. Listerine is alcohol based. Dip your knife in alcohol, set it on fire, then swish some Listerine.

  15. CoolKidLolz Reply

    @bamfbiscuit bamfbiscuit , have you ever had an abscess before? i couldnt chew on the left side of my mouth. i didnt know what the hell it was so i put a little pressure on the abscess and it popped. now i almost gagged at this point and washed my mouth out with water for 5-10 minutes. after that i swished peroxide around to prevent infection. this didnt hurt at all and my pain is finally relieved. im going to the dentist to make sure its gone.

  16. Jay Jacobson Reply

    If this guy ever had a whole career in music and a large discography, his Greatest Hits CD would be called Collection of Infection.


    @ilovegorjuss go to doctor he will remove it by minor surgery .