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  1. Divya Bharuth Reply

    Planting it raw….😲😲😢what about anesthesia

  2. maura tiara Reply

    im getting one tooth pulled and five of these implanted in a few weeks😅

  3. ruhi sadiya Reply

    hey can any one suggest me..bridge is good way of implant or screw one..which one is long lasting

  4. Bojan Vujasinovic Reply

    For me price was not problem. They damage my dental fork and Dentis do it uncorectly, thus diferent wht I talk on phone interview. I do it accedently on my ex friend advice in Belgrad Dental Plaza. So I paid them and they shit in my multh. So what do you think folks? How to predict that ? And Demarki 81 talks about how price is big.

  5. Shelbee S Reply

    I have to get implants and this looks horrifying

  6. wong sushi Reply

    Surprisingly these kind of things is my stress reliever. Idk why even my friends hates it. Lol

  7. Audrey Schulte Reply

    I have to get an implant when I turn 18 and the thought of having a screw in my gum is terrifying

  8. medassist tr Reply

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  9. No Or Reply

    why use lot of burs just for enlargement? or for another purpose

  10. AG T Reply

    what about the crown? does it have to heal before before you put it in?

  11. Jaybird196 Reply

    Do they feel and look like natural teeth (from every angle)?

  12. VoiceOfReason Reply

    quick question: How much would this cost on average? Also maybe distinguish the price between getting 1 tooth done vs multiple, is it cheaper per tooth?

  13. Chan Lun Reply

    Now I can diy by following this guide

  14. Justine Rodriguez Reply

    Wow… I have too get this tomarrow…
    But I'm only 13 so it not because I don't take care of my teeth, its because I have a peg tooth and they were suppost to just cap it but….. Man!

  15. Ryan C Reply

    Watched this 100 times over an showed it to my oral sergeon an he said " oh that just gives me goose bumps " ! I've got 3 of these an it's not that bad, just brush your teeth or you will be next ! He at one point said would you like to do your own dental implants ! In a sarcastic way lol!

  16. Dedy Nugroho Reply

    Seminar Kedokteran gigi 2013 forsilakg.unissula.ac.id/

  17. SwollenRhino Reply

    i've watched this 20 times now , its not that bad, but its expensive! Brush your teeth or you will have this done

  18. susan davis Reply

    omg i had that done to me i was awake its so werd

  19. Péligros Reply

    did anybody notice that the music is the theme song of former wwe superstar the boogeyman

  20. Jaybird196 Reply

    The teeth they put in can't accidentally unscrew and fall out, can they?

  21. VideoClarity Reply

    will eventually bring it close to how adjacent teeth look, unless your adjacent teeth are very narrow to begin with.

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