Dentists: The Awful Tooth

Ben gets a special Toothmas Eve visit from the tooth fairy to learn about saving money at the dentist.

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36 Replies

  1. DavidG185 Reply

    Quite frankly enough, I'm pretty much one of the third of Australian's that don't go to the dentist too often due to the cost. I usually do when I was younger, but nope. Anyway, The Checkout is still more entertaining than not to watch.

  2. mspixiedust100 Reply

    Lol the guy doesn't know if he has an Australian accent or not..

  3. Phlegethon Reply

    It's so hard to find a good dentist who's not out to rip you off or give you unnecessary procedures

  4. todosbien Reply

    This is great! Our teeth are like tiny little cars ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. stuntaneous Reply

    Even with private cover, dental costs are prohibitive.

  6. dtvfan24 Reply

    lol love the end, with the easter bunny. lol

  7. Inediblehulk Reply

    Why is Ben sleeping alone? Least believable part of this fantasy adventure….

  8. suitrBJ Reply

    'being punched in the mouth by a magical dick head'
    ABC 2017
    Best quote of 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. chansey Reply

    their humour is fantastic.

  10. R B Reply

    Consumption of Fluoride is actually bad for your digestive system.

  11. SirLoneWolf Reply

    We have a special Bank Account for Dental and Optometry, just a small amount each payday. Covers us for all our Dental work and Glasses, better than giving money to the Private Health fund Vultures! What Health Fund are we in? Medicare of course, we pay for it so we might as well use it ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. arokh72 Reply

    Of course those who aren't working, and are over 17, are still screwed by an underfunded overburdened public dental system.

  13. Parshya S Reply

    I sooooo wanna have sex with that fairy

  14. Wolfferoni Reply

    Oh my gosh I love the tooth fairy. That's also a really good comparison – seeing your teeth as your car. If only medicare covered dental work like seeing doctors which is still health so I'm not sure why it isn't covered

  15. S.E. Hunt Reply

    I love the girl playing the tooth fairy shes great!

  16. Cameron De Agostini Reply

    This was really excellent, quite frankly I don't even care that much about the subject of the video but you guys are far too entertaining to not watch.

  17. Kai Sea Reply

    Mmhmm. Except I can't afford to get them fixed even if I did get them checked. So I'm losing $70 or so for stuff that'll give me nightmares – I'm really paranoid about my teeth – and nothing to do about it.
    sigh How do Americans cope?

  18. Casey Pei Reply

    Does she break into my house for my teeth? Or is it only bad Australian children

  19. Teddy 97 Reply

    In Germany we have a little booklet and if we go to the dentist once (adults) or twice (kids) a year, we will get discounts on procedures.

  20. Jj ac Reply

    There are schemes for dental care but it's extremely hard to find a dentist that will opt into it. My parents used to follow those creepy school vans around to get free help, and that was only when I had a dental emergency. I never got a check up as a child.

  21. Slamdizzle Reply

    No evidence fluoride makes teeth cleaner

  22. Cathy W Reply

    Dentist very widely in price and quality. And it's hard to know if they're any good until you've shelled out. ๐Ÿ™