Development of tooth : Bud Stage

Stages of tooth development.
Bud stage has been discussed in this video.

Watch ‘Formation of dental lamina and vestibular lamina’ here :

Watch cap stage here :

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  1. khaqan khan Reply

    Send some notes send about dental histology

  2. Noor Alhuda Ahmed Reply

    You are very fast when you talk too. Can you be slow ?please

  3. asha lata Reply

    What does an enamel organ mean and what are neural crest cells?!
    I just joined bds and new to these terms pls help!!

  4. Hanaa Oraif Reply

    Omg u r very amazing , thank you very much

  5. Edwin Rasid Yunus Reply

    It's a bit confusion at min 2.55, it's look like explained about one tooth bud, but said there are 10 point of tooth bud. It should be 10 points of invagination along dental lamina. May be should adding from what slice we have to imagine. Thanks

  6. Ruks Singh Reply

    Sometimes there r no buds of permanent teeth but why??

  7. shivani mitta Reply

    Really it help me lot do more videos of dental easily we can understand n in less time

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    mam please upload more video and thank you sΓ²ooo much

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    it's very helpful ma'am …..keep going like thisπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘….!

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    Mam unbelievable really!!!!!! Such concepts clarity not even ORBANS can

  11. Ella Desdemona Bennett Reply

    Thnk u soo mch my concept is clear now
    Plzz post more videos as far as histo is concerned it'll b really helpful☺

  12. Mrs. Bindu Reply

    Mam can u plssss upload videos related to histology of enamel

  13. Munir Ahmad Reply

    Ap ke ye video may nay class may daki bokth achi lagi thanks a lot ',' very easy to understand

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    Thank u so much mam! ☺😊It was a great video… Before watching the video i was facing lot of problem in imagining all those things! Now I am good in it!

  15. Hadeel Haroon Reply

    Thank you .. but the dental lamine is bigger than vestibular lamina in the video you draw opposite that

  16. Hadeel Haroon Reply

    Thank you so much so simple to understand πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  17. amna ahmed Reply

    very helpful…my frnd nisuka suggested Dr teeth

  18. Sara Zainab Reply

    In previous video u said that dental lamina is on right side and vestibular lamina is on left side..and this video u said opposite…

  19. namburi midhun Reply

    hello mam i think the outer cells in bud stage is more of cuboidal rather than low cuboidal..sorry if i am wrong!