Diamond Belt Sharpening A Carbide Tooth Blade

Trying out a diamond grit 1″x30″ belt for sharpening carbide blades. It did a great job of bringing my nail-damaged biscuit joiner blade back to like new condition.
The 1″x30″ belt sander project: http://www.ibuildit.ca/Workshop%20Projects/belt-disk-sander-1.html
Plans for the belt sander: http://www.ibuildit.ca/Sales/sales-11.html

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  1. MidGAOutdoor Reply

    do you have a video of you doing a table saw blade? that's my problem.

  2. drail80s Reply

    Is that a US dollar bill on the tool rack behind you?

  3. Mike Waldt Reply

    A job, very well done John.

  4. Fearsome Warrior Reply

    I mentioned it to someone who works at 3M but they said there is a stitched version you can get that doesn't use tape to join the ends. On another note. I have a Husky brand screwdriver set that comes with 6 sticks that have 8 bits on each that you plug into the handle. I love that thing. Plug the stick in I need and its ready to go.

  5. lexugax Reply

    I have heard that carbide dust can be very bad for you, but in these days where everything gives you cancer, what is one more thing right?

  6. h3n488 Reply

    Hi John, nice video! I'm wondering here about the carbide dust this sharpening method creates. I'm all for looking after my tools but since I heard carbide dust from grinding is highly toxic and/or carcinogenic when inhaled I stopped grinding my own carbide bits. I've considered just buying new tools instead of grinding them in my own shop. A water cup to catch the dust could be a good idea. Any thoughts?

  7. Bruce B Reply

    Need to do mine, now I know how. Thanks John!

  8. Andrew Marsden Reply

    hi john thanks. For all the videos wear do you get all the great ideas from iam 50 and struggle for ideas keep up the great work and thanks again Andrew

  9. Vern C Reply

    Quick question if I can. What type of packing tape did you use on the back of the belt, the clear stuff, or the stuff with the threads in it? Do you think that if it was a thick enough tape (such as Gorilla Duct Tape) it would prevent the premature wearing at the joint? Thanks from the 416.

  10. Frank Ingram Reply

    Enjoyed the video John. Does that belt work just as good on metal like mower blades? Where did you buy the belt?

  11. Donald Schlicht Reply

    Of you take off too much much from the OD of the blade then the biscuits won't fit correctly.

  12. Jean-Marc Labonte Reply

    Thanks for showing how to sharpen the carbide blade on the biscuit cutter. My blade is getting dull and I was wondering if I should buy a new one or sharpen it. After seeing how easy it can be to sharpen, I know what to do now. I am surprised that you didn't make your own wrench to remove the blade. Maybe that could be another video. Thanks.

  13. bloggermouth Reply

    A real man keeps his tools sharp and his razor dull. lol

  14. Ben Winchester Reply

    Very awesome, and a lot quicker than some of the blades you have to sharpen. Have made any joints with the blade yet? Is the new hole smaller at all to where it would affect the biscuits fitting in?

  15. TheChipmunk2008 Reply

    Dear sir <grin>,… is that one of those Canadian Tire multi-screwdrivers you have there? I almost bought one of them while I was there, wish I had

  16. Jp's Custom Woodworking Reply

    Great video John, those little blades can be pricey on some models so resharpening is the way to go…JP

  17. Ted Alexander Reply

    You just saved/made an extra $100. And a little bit on the video John.

  18. Glass Impressions Reply

    The question is, would you use it everyday (or more) if you had a higher quality one. Btw love these videos John!

  19. dafeichu Reply

    I like diamond stones the best to sharpen my knives. Very aggressive if need be.

    On my 1"X30" belt grinder I've been using the silicon carbide and blue zirconia belts from Lee Valley for grinding. I've never tried a diamond belt but will have to try it out some time.

    Glad it worked out for you with your biscuit joiner.

  20. fergabmmx Reply

    this video made me feel better about my decisions to
    try to fix my 2 angle grinders that werent working anymore
    instead of buying new ones
    One of them was smoking and rising temperature in the motor
    the problem was a bearing ball was busted and was building friction
    new bearing and was like new no more smoke
    the other one replace both carbon brush and the on/off Swich
    and started working again

  21. WoodworkingDaddy Reply

    Great video. Did you have to adjust the plunge depth of the machine to account for the slightly smaller blade diameter?

  22. Jim Dockrell Reply

    I like it when you can get things working again.

  23. Cosmas Bauer Reply

    Very interesting! I think I'll have to make a sander like this sooner or later 🙂

  24. 57WillysCJ Reply

    Good job. I have a DeWalt that I bought in 1996. I do like it but I like the one Diresta uses, just not enough to replace what I have now.

  25. Nelumbo Nucifera Reply

    Why is the tooth beveled (sloped)? Wouldn't a flat cutting edge be just as effective?

  26. brandon2076 Reply

    is there a $20 for me too? 🙂

    Also, whats that low pitched hum i'm hearing in the video?

  27. Jon Miller Reply

    This reminds me of the old lesson about taking the time to stop working to Sharpen the Saw. I've worked in shops where they don't bother ever sharpening their blades. Just run them until they're burning the wood (or in the case of metal cutting blades, causing serious kickback), then run them some more. When they're finally truly useless they throw 'em away. I suggested using a sharpening service that actually picks up your blades for you, replaces broken teeth, tunes them up, etc. for less than the cost of replacing. They looked at me like I was stupid. Then I started looking for somewhere else to work.