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31 Replies

  1. LifewithJMB Reply

    Thanks for the letting me know where you got the workbooks! We are all settled in in Hoover and found the Costco thanks Kelly!

  2. Dorothy Carson Reply


  3. HTK Vlogs Reply

    Bennett reminds me SOOO much of my son! He'd argue with me that the sky wasn't green instead of blue if it meant proving me wrong. :p Good job on busting him, momma! He'll get there, I'm sure, but I bet that won't be the only morning you'll have to call him out. 🙂

  4. Ashley B Reply

    haha Bennet thought he was slick! "How do you know when I woke up?!" Because every mom has eyes on the back of their head! Always watching! You silly boy lol

    Tooth fairy was slacking a little leaving that tooth behind! Em was cute trying to scam her. Made me laugh.

    Both you and Katie have awesome kids! Very well mannered and respectful. The parents are doing something right for sure 😊. Keep up the good work!

  5. Heather Smith Reply

    Man the tooth fairy really pays out from when my girls were little, inflation wow! I dare not say what the tooth fairy paid out when I was a child, hint that was in the seventies.

  6. CreatingKieraJ Reply

    When we were younger we had a similar chore chart and my younger brother tried to get out of it. An extra chore for him would be to take a shower…boys are boys haha

  7. SnapesPrincess4 Reply

    Emme had me cracking up over wanting to scam the tooth fairy!! LOL!! xD
    Haha, Bennett so got busted!! That's too funny. Plus trying to combine 2 items from the list, haha!! Sounds like something I'd have done at his age!! xD

  8. Jaylee Sergent Reply

    I just Love your Family…Love the chart…I thought it was a Great idea I Even passed it alone Hope you guys don't mind….Not everything is the same just a few ideas from the chart….

  9. desert hippy Reply

    LOL I adore your family, good luck with that chore chart chances are it will  be a thing of the past halfway though summer. But I love your enthusiasm to try and keep the kids on a point with responsibility and I wish you sucess. I always set down summer rules and it was more work for me to keep them on task so I usually caved in midway and joined them up in the Library summer reading program figuring if they keep their minds busy reading they were doing good!!

  10. Debbie Wronker Reply

    $5.00 wow when we lost a tooth the Tooth fairy gave us $1.00 if we were lucky LOL.

  11. Alicia Oneal Reply

    Love the chore chart good idea Bennet was to funny

  12. nlm3415 Reply

    Love your chore chart!! I wish more parents were like you!! Our world would be a much better place.

  13. Abe Syparrado Reply

    if this was me and my siblings, we would have made a deal with each other to do the other's chore as a "helping a family member".. lol

  14. Buse Yarkın Reply

    such a lovely family 🙂 and Kelley you did a god job for making videos,editing and all the other stuff:) love you all

  15. ginnypinnydfjs Reply

    Haha Bennet combining the "extra chore" with "helping a family member"….. smart! 😀

  16. Denice Brown Reply

    B and Emmy crack me up, Emmy scamming the Tooth Fairy and B is trying to scam Mom, nice try kids, one day they will realize that us parents been there done that and wrote the book and perfected it 😂😂 Great vlog today guys 💖💖

  17. flow v Reply

    BUSTED, B! But good try. He hasn't realized yet that mothers are like secret service, we're everywhere at all times, and know All things. Its easier to do what we asik the first time. 😸 haha love Emily's plan to scam tooth fairy.😎😍😎

  18. Caren Collins Reply

    I bought workbooks like that for my kids to do this summer and they love it. We are doing a similar chart and it seems to help

  19. Deb DeGuire Reply

    Congratulations on losing your tooth! The tooth fairy was very generous to you. Emily, I love that you want to save your money! Kelly – great idea of the white board with Summer Rules! Much love to you!😎🤓❤️🌹

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