Different Types of Dental Braces for Your Teeth

Check out the different types of dental braces for your teeth! In this video the dentist will teach you everything you want to know about braces including the types and the function. New medical video every Tuesday and Thursday.


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24 Replies

  1. Gm More Reply

    What is the better….breces…for a gap…


    Mam I am 24 year old. can I use this to leveling my tooth

  3. R.B. SiFwng. Reply

    How much it cost ma"am…to take branchlet on teeth??

  4. Yashwanth g Gowda Reply

    Anyone from Bangalore location.. Plz give there contact info.
    I wanna try

  5. Trains For Life • Reply

    Help me please I’m getting a new kind of braces next time, it starts with a P. It’s not power chain, it’s something else and I’m scared 😱

  6. uzair khan Reply

    i m 23 and mere upr k do teeth bahar h tode se or cavity b hai …mai kya kru ?

  7. Amanda may Reply

    r there some for tmj that is what i have

  8. Kiki Anas Ahmad Reply

    this lady's teeth aren't straight but she's lecturing us about the benefits of getting braces #i'mmeanlikedat

  9. Khaled Berriche Reply

    Great services. Definitely will be ordering brace again to my family. Thank you! Call 888-989-3219