Digestive system function Digestive System Organs

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Follow the journey of food in the human body via this animated cartoon video on digestion process.

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  1. p singuran Reply

    Before the bird said that the small intistine is 22 feet long and then now its 25 feet long…Its very complicated…But whats the teuth

  2. lâm vân Reply

    please make more, my little sister loves these videos a lot

  3. I think very good video I like it very much very good keep making more ok I will subscribe you make puberty to I like it now I know stomach and small intestine I”give it good I know large intestine to the small intestine it red color I see food in the large intestine that He’s eat too He’s eat an apple in He’s mouth I know Anus Anus is in our body too right the small instestine is 25 feet long and the large intestine is 5 feet

  4. coollittledude21 Reply

    They said they 22 then 25 feet, and they didn't pronounce the words right!!!

  5. El Caza PRO Reply

    very good the video is soo inportant that the childrens learn this things in the school regards from chile jajajaj XD ES SARCASMO MENOS MAL QUE HABLAN INGLES XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  6. elmandouhsm Reply

    That is not how you pronounce esophagus and also stomach

  7. Bill Cipher Reply

    why aren't the kids being digested though…..-.-?

  8. Birendra Singh Reply

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  9. Vakin :3 Reply

    I hate this chanel is fucking

  10. Yani Marks Reply

    Fantastic video, however there is grammar errors as well as the pronunciation of words. Other than that great job.

  11. I am Destiny Reply

    Not to be mean but you writed liver wrong you writed lever and it's wrong is written liver by the way good videos 😍😍

  12. haneesa Mazardeen Reply

    This channel is soo helpful..A great video Guyz!!! hats off to the one hu made thiz video…

  13. HA Reply

    That parrot is annoying af.

  14. Swetha Shetty Reply

    This is very good educational video.Thanks makemegenius for such great video.It helped my students to understand digestive system in very easy nd simple way.his video explains in very simple way so that each student can understand the topic very clearly..voice modulation nd picture clarity is also good… thanks

  15. Caliren Reply

    Thanks makemegenius! This is a great video!

  16. Lala Reply


  17. taReK Reply

    best vidoe sub and like

  18. Sittie Nor Cabaro Reply

    Can I download the videos? Coz' I find it helpful for my brother. 🙂

  19. makemegenius Reply

    Good, do tell others too and also visit our website .

  20. magneticwonder Reply

    wow what a great site im glad I stumbled onto it accidentally. It will definitely help my daughter since she finds it boring coming from me