DIY: Close Gap Teeth in 40 DAYS under $5 (EASY!)

… So you can try it for yourself 🙂

(if you have trouble finding those elastics in your country, let me know and I will try to put a link here that delivers to your country)

Also, click here:

You can see the DAILY EVOLUTION starting at: 17:03 minutes !

My latest video:

Here you have a full explanation on my journey on how I closed my gap (with rubber bands) with the following points:
– Where to find those rubber bands?
– The different ways to put those rubber bands on
– My daily routine
– Struggles and side effects
– Advice from specialists/dentists
– Alternative ways on closing your gap

Rubbber bands from Claire’s:
Rubber bands on Amazon (international):

BUT REMEMBER FELLOW GAP/ENGLISH TEETH’ERS. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU WERE BORN. Even though everyone tells me it’s a “charm” having a gap. I love having my front teeth closed. I got much more self confident!


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49 Replies

  1. Ann:D :P Reply

    Do I need to put them off while i am sleeping?

  2. Bill Johnson Reply

    this guys a idiot i know every one knows , but yeh had to sayyy it

  3. Tara Kuwabara Reply

    Is this process work for lower front teeth? I didn't have a gap before but suddenly it appears…

  4. Currency Lux7 Reply

    How do you prevent them from moving back to their original place ?

  5. KING BLAZE Reply

    Is it okay of the bands go upward to my gums

  6. ApeXGuy 101 Reply

    I fucking hate my gap can’t even smile 99%of the time cus of my damn gap

  7. Cekoi Smith Reply

    You should pursue in YouTube, you're too charismatic and funny

  8. Isaac Sparkman Reply

    Gabiche add me on insta I'm going to do this and I want you to talk me through this @isaacsparkman

  9. goldpink glitter Reply

    I thought you were being funny at first thanks I needed this video

  10. IM A KIWIGURL Reply

    Lol yr very funny 😅,, thanks for the tips n laugh's

  11. Take Me back Reply

    Since I’m 14, should I wait for my teeth to be done growing before I try this? Also do I have to wear a retainer or braces after doing this method?

  12. justin L . Reply

    I tried this, it does work, but I does hurt a little bit

  13. QueenOf Bakes Reply

    How long do you keep retainers in after doing this? Or do you always use it to keep the gap together?

  14. Tarna NAHjusttarna Reply

    I’m struggling with a retainer , I don’t want to pay like 140 dollar Lmao but can I just get a mouldable clear mouth guard ? Also how long did u wear ur retainer for and when ? Umm also haha if you put the bands around ur four front teeth , won’t it just make a gap between ur canines ?? Solution ?

  15. nobody cares Reply

    i wanna wear it for the whole night but im scared as hell that my teeth will fall out lmao

  16. Romel Babasa Reply

    In case of having hard work stuff like thatt. E.g. running , biking or work out … Is there any side effects to me if i feel aching then i still do this stuff and wearing the rubber bands??????

  17. AL QASIM Reply

    When l put it on my teeth it hurts me a little
    Dose it affect the strength of my teeth?
    Do I have to continue?

  18. 07vision gaming Reply

    What if u use another rubber bands not goody not clairs something else?

  19. kcjm Reply

    Lmfaoo I love his personality

  20. Dina G Reply

    I just put mine on today for the first time and since my teeth are so small the rubber bands slide up to where the gums are and it hurts the gums. I don't what to do.

  21. Kebazy Reply

    4:52 but there is still an elastic band between the other two gaps.

  22. adrika jas Reply

    Is rubber bands r helpful if braces are not affordable…Is rubber bands will do the same like the braces means it will b permanent?

  23. Avocado Reply

    this guy literally made me want to watch the whole video lol

  24. amzing videos Reply

    Sir whichband use plz name pack and how many time to use band plz answer me