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For just one dollar a month, Dollar Tooth Club delivers a fresh set of teeth right to your door.

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25 Replies

  1. johnny b Reply

    Dahcah Carvey's easy tooth BUTTAH!!!

  2. joe chapel Reply

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  3. John Hyde Reply

    Looks like they put bottom set in top and vice versa.

  4. Dgrif12 Reply

    I wish this was a product…

  5. williambird1234 Reply

    Thank you. I laughed, especially when the dentist hit the patient with the floppy glove.

  6. Kreepy Klownz Reply

    Hi guys I just found and already love your channel! You guys are funny as hell! I don't remember what I was trying to look up, but I got hit with an autocorrect on YouTube one day and one of your guys' videos popped up. I subbed.

  7. a b Reply

    Play fuck marry kill

  8. gareth McCammon Reply

    I made the mistake of starting this video as I was starting in on a sandwich. I had to put the sandwich on pause when we got to the removal part.

  9. mer Reply

    Another wonderfully ridiculous video from the Goofy Golfs. Thank you!

  10. BairyHalls Reply

    didn't hurt a bit when they pulled em out

  11. Mr.Carrot Reply

    This should be on reddit. Best video ever!

  12. Isabella Brand Reply

    And here I am spending way to much money on whitening kits and special toothpaste.. SIGN ME UP!!!