Dont Starve Episode 38 Pan Flute and Tooth Trap

Music in the intro is from This is my 38th video for the upcoming game Don’t Starve which you can pre-purchase on Steam and receive instant beta access. You get 20% off if you pre-purchase and an extra copy to trade or give to a friend!!

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  1. Kami kadze Reply

    Quick tip use the pan flute on hoards of bees;) soon I'll have so much honey I'll never starve haha

  2. Schei Reply

    oh I dunno then

  3. Schei Reply

    I'm pretty sure its still beta, I could be wrong though.

  4. James Lee Reply

    umm what version is this? it seems like your food does not spoil at all!

  5. samus802 Reply

    thisnk you can upload your world so we can import it?

  6. Mickey White Reply

    your actually a great commentator, keep it up 😀

  7. pinkhair64 Reply

    Merry Christmas Veg AWSOME VID ? PRESANT u have given today acction packed *_*

  8. koolasian20 Reply

    It isn't hard to kill the spider queen, just get an army of pigs then attack. Or, just run up to her and kill her.

  9. Yanyiel77 Reply

    I think you should die and start again