DREAM COMES TRUE: Young Couple Gets Sawmill to Build Debt-Free Home

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While we’ve been having a blast running our chainsaw mill, the time has come to upgrade to a REAL portable sawmill! We’re hopefully just a couple months away from being able to cut the timbers for our house. We have a logger on the lookout for trees for us and hopefully they’ll be delivered within a month or so, so once we have our plans finalized, it’s go time to see what we can possibly achieve before winter! It’s our greatest hope that this sawmill doesn’t just build one home, but goes on to build many, many homes, giving the option of being debt-free to others as well. Stay tuned as we prepare for the big milling and start of our timber frame home build!

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50 Replies

  1. Bernarr Coletta Reply

    Nice comment about building a community around a sawmill.

  2. Amarilis Veguilla Reply

    Loved this video! Thanks for sharing! I recently bought a chainsaw, and it’s my favorite toy so far. I bought a wireless one, 16”, 60 volt max. The battery takes 1hr 15 minutes to charge, and the charge last less than an hour. For me it’s OK, it’s better that than nothing , I couldn’t buy the gas chainsaw ‘cause I’m not strong enough to start it. A lot of Blessings! Wish you the Best!

  3. Science-is-Truth Reply

    Great video, TURN OFF THE GODAWFUL NOISE. Or play some real music.

  4. Rob Davis Reply

    I grew up working sawmills my family owns in a small town in arkansas. It wonderful to see that people who are not familiar with these types of equipment and methods are willing to learn and even share what you have learned with others. I appreciate you for posting this awesome video that shows how people are learning to better themselves and their community buy building instead of asking others to build for you. And thank you for showcasing that friends and family and community can be very strong in teaching one another and helping each other accomplish many tasks and goals. Have that kind of support is crucial in out world and I want to recognize the efforts you have made in that regard. The best part is you have a portable mill, I started working my family's Mills at twelve but they are stationary homemade Mills and they get boring to operate haha.

  5. Shed Guys Reply

    nice video,would be much better without the background music

  6. fitbirdviewings Reply

    You guys are suuuuuch a great couple !
    (So closely 'matched' personalitywise.)
    …..Would really love being a nxt door neighbor !

  7. Bee Free Reply

    Please drop the loud noise you think is music…really annoying and we would rather just listen to the natural sound of setting up.

  8. Blake Ruble Reply

    The thumbnail scares me with his leg in there

  9. Thinking Outside The Grid ! Reply

    I'm so jealous. That thing is amazing! We are doing something very similar, but on the other end of the spectrum. We are using dirt. Our goal is the same, a debt free life.

  10. Brian Carroll Reply

    The only reason those logs are not done is because you off gridders are " mill kin it " LOL have fun video was great, be safe.

  11. Nick Schoendorf Reply

    5 acres and you can’t find space ? Someone bought the wrong plot…I have .33 and have space for all this

  12. Dell Latitude D820WinXP Reply

    What I love about this video is seeing a couple doing things together. A plus is that what is being done is productive. Hopefully, in the last 10 months, all has gone well.

  13. Scott Herbert Reply

    What state are you guys in any weather issues ie: snow.

  14. Zymondo Reply

    Well kids, I've been enjoying your vids for a few days now… informative, funny with alot of heart… ya'gotta'have a sense of humor to do what you're doing (building your own home, being off grid, etc). I have been seriously considering selling my place in suburbia and moving to the North Shore (of lake Pontchatrain) where it's just much nicer to be these days. Personally, 'cause I'm 63, a few 40 ft.(clean) shipping containers will be much more efficient for my needs. I'm guessing a log house is what you want… that's cool. A few 40ft. containers sure would make things easier for ya'though(I think). Thanks, George

  15. Hayley Burgess Reply

    Hi, we use a Mahoe sawmill here in NZ. Find it much easier & more productive than this method Google them. Great vid guys.

  16. lifebeginsat190 Reply

    luvn these vids…im literally binge watching you right now…lol

  17. XxCaSh2 3MoNeYxX Reply

    Did defaulting Learn this on lumber tycoon 2 the sawmills look a lot different

  18. Salvatore Manna Reply

    I just started watching you guys you guys are so cool can you tell me how you guys met I'm a single guy I'm looking to meet a like-minded girl and I'm really into the stuff you guys are in maybe you can give me some advice

  19. rustynails113 Reply

    I think you have me sold on the Wood-Mizer mill.

  20. sue mcfarlane Reply

    I created a orchard on my drainage lines of my septic I know it’s not recommended becouse of roots blocking the pipes but I had no problems in the fifteen ye@rs that I owned the property the trees were great I had all waysxfelt the council made us over do the whole drainage field it was vast and we were only a family of four and it was a two bed room house so w9uld not likely need a bbigger system in the future most of the trees I planted on the down slope side of the pipe lines and toward the ends of the rows

  21. Erik Jensen Reply

    Oohh , if just there were numbers in your film. Nr.1 nr2. Nr3 osv.👍😀🇩🇰

  22. holy moly Reply

    brick house building a log cabin

  23. Wysiwyg101 Reply

    Great video. Loved it. It looked like a lot of fun happened while hard at work. Always a good thing. I also thought that when the Woodmizer husband and wife team said they'd see you in church out the window of his truck as they drove off was pretty cool as well. To me, that shows what community is really all about.

  24. Dave Bowers Reply

    wow, I just looked it up, under $7K. I figured $20 K.. good deal kids..

  25. ethics101 Reply

    I'm looking at the lt 15, did you add one or two " BED" sections to achieve the length?

  26. Riedell Lewis Reply

    Nice …getting a mill,financially, another story…great job you two hats off.

  27. Riedell Lewis Reply

    Love your purple shirt…oh disagree on the orange wrinkle shirt.

  28. Steve Haigh Reply

    hi, did you have any issues with the local building department about using ungraded lumber? also, did you dry it completely or use it green? thx

  29. Echo 9970 Reply

    For ever tree you cut down, plant 10 more in its place. We planted over 25.000 trees when we felled our soft wood. So we planted hard and soft wood in its place.

  30. 33YOLE Reply

    What if a rain fell on a log cutter? How did you solve this?

  31. ronadpaugh44 Reply


  32. Jim Key Reply

    The mill you have can be operated by one person. To get the logs o the mill: Build a raised track out of wood on top of posts so the finished top of the trachk is even with the height of the mill Bed. I is supported by posts set into the ground Old railroad ties or telephone poles are good for this. The posts about 4' Apart. You would need 4 of these. The tracks terminate about 4" prior to the mill. That las section is Hinged or bracketed to leave the area clear. One person can use the cant hook to roll the logs to the mill. That's how we did it in the old days.

  33. The Fall Reply

    That lady could talk the legs off a steel chair.

  34. Bal Loney Reply

    Are you guys gonna replace the trees that you cut? It takes years to grow them and they hold the soil and protect your property from unwanted landslides.

  35. Bal Loney Reply

    You guys have no kids? Just asking. Retired at a very young age? Must have saved a lot of money. Good planning but I wanna know if you have kids cuz that will be a big factor on deciding to retire early, I guess. Just my stupid opinion.

  36. James Poulson Reply

    Gee perhaps you two could do something called PLANNNING before starting the work!

  37. TraditionalToolworks Reply

    There's a definite learning curve in owning a sawmill…you will do yourself a great favor by getting some type of lift.

  38. FAV VFA Reply

    Vida dura, boa sorte para os dois.