Eva Marcille’s Baby Daddy Kevin McCall Calls Her A B*tch

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My Points:
***Black Woman Please Stop Having These Men’s Anchor Babies! Defined a child the Black Man is willing to have so he can permanently have a strong hold over and in your life. A Control factor.

1. Let’s break it down ladies who is Kevin Mccall
Estimated Networth of 1 Million Dollars
Kevin Lamar McCall, Jr., is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, record executive, and actor who was formerly signed to RCA Records and Chris Brown Entertainment. He is currently an independent artist

** Has a Job-
*** Doesn’t have a disease
*** Doesn’t have a bunch of children all over the place

Kevin McCall Confronts His Mother’s Anger and Violence | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

2. He Worked with Chris Brown on the Songs Dueces, & Strip – He then later fell out with Chris Brown on twitter.

3. Eva Marcille & Kevin Had A Daughter in Feb 2014 Marley Rae McCall. in 4/30/2014 of the same year, she realized she made a huge mistake.

**** I spoke of a similar situation – without all of the details. Let’s just say my Ex had a fight with the new flame, a couple of years ago.


You’re a Menace …

Eva Marcille’s Baby Daddy Kevin McCall Calls Her A B*tch, Wants To Meet Boyfriend At Church

5. Comment this is how fast asleep Black Woman are.

I don’t know how I feel i’ll be honest.

Marley is still small and this photo tho it’s innocent, Kevin has not even met this man! We women would be pissed if the roles were reversed, so yea Eva should have used better judgement. I think she just posted the pic to be spiteful, because Kevin had some not so nice things to say about her in the media, once he found out she was expecting again

*** Ladies should the father have to meet the new Man. Remember you and him never married? What should the requirements be for him to meet the new Man. Should you be Married first or ?

6. *** What has triggered her EX if all goes well she will NOT be a Baby Momma again- (Ladies Eva has been trying really hard, getting bruised in the dating game. Lance Gross, Kevin McCall, and now a plain (Educated Lame) Micheal Sterling who takes a beating for his appearance. “Mickey Mouse”

Eva Marcilles Pregnant Again But This Time Engaged to be Married.
Eva Marcille Is Expecting A Baby With Boyfriend Michael Sterling

27 Replies

  1. Who'sThatGirl Reply

    @ 14:00 the guy explains he learned the behavior from his mother and he was thusly AFRAID. Ok i get that. But why cant he understand its wrong and his mother also shouldnt suffer being afrid of her son who can easily overpower her. Smh the law doesnt give a damn if u were raised wrong. They judge your actions, not your potential. Why cant ppl take accountability for their actions without blaming mommy. He KNOWS his anger is problematic. So he can succeed at everything else except control his behavior TOWARD HIS OWN MOTHER. Its almost like hes getting revenge on his mother for his father.

    Yeah he saw some faulty mess growing up, but i bet he also saw tons of positive role modeling, hence his success. So if he can blame that one incident on his parents AND NOT BLAME HIS OWN LACK OF SELF CONTROL, then hes a loser

  2. Audrey Hill Reply

    Eva. Broke up with lance gross he wasn't ready to marry now he's married to a Persian girl. Kevin MC.Call. Said he was dis owning he's daughter left a twitter Rant. Mad because EVAs. fiance took A pic WITH his daughter .He needs medicine. Counseling..sounds like he's Bi. Polar. So Sad.

  3. Sheryl Powell Reply

    I hate to see that our black men have issues in their early childhood pass. he seems to have all the check marks but issues still embedded in him which makes it sad.

  4. Regina M. Reply

    Eva now has two BM babies and Still not married! Goes to show no matter how successful, good looking, etc. IT'S THE SAME BEHAVIOR AND MENTALITY. STOPPPPPPPP ladies being the Mule (ass) for these shitty messed up men! Wake up before it's too late, know your worth by loving yourself!

  5. Lee Singer Reply

    Your check list just listed my past omg. He's mad til this day. Because of his child hood issues.

  6. Deeluvpatriots Reply

    Excuse me, you do what is necessary for yourself and your children. I love the new guy, cause he's doing what a man like him should do, love her and the baby, provide some stability and let he do the rest, she's the mother, she needs love and the baby just need you to support that so everyone is OK, damn this is not rocket science folks

  7. Artis Smith Reply

    He lacks the proper seasoning in the Game ijs!


    Just discovered your channel. That "anchor baby" handed me a universe. We see it all the time. Just never had a term for it. So painful. Women have to get control, when we can. I've heard men say they impregnated their girl friends and wives to "slow them down". You're talking facts. Thank you. I've already hit the notification button.😄😄

  9. ebkikibo Reply

    That Meagan chic is NOT a relationship goal. Research the royal family. She is in the bloodline and they are evil as hell!

  10. S. C. Reply

    I seen that man on Iyanla and he was even abusive to his own mother who ended up having to get a restraining order against him. I know ms. Eva like most of us light skin women think that this fine chocolate man was going to put her on a pedal stool because in the beginning they talk that talk and then just like a black mamba they will turn on your ass without notice. He was also accused of abusing his girlfriend prior to Eva so I don't know why she thought she would have a different outcome. Oh I know why because she is a beautiful model lol Ladies don't fall for these fine chocolate brotha's they are dysfunctional and have serious deep rooted issues that mostly always stem from self hate.

  11. RukiaBlack Blazer Reply

    HE THOUGHT, He took EVA of the market with his Anchor Baby. He has another child and with another woman, right…?
    Megan says she's a Bi-racial black woman i belief & am cool with that, women like her that are not the standard black female should identify as what they're. AS A SHOW OF LOYALTY & RESPECT TO THE ACTUAL "BLACK" Woman, can't claim our pride of place or jobs IF YOU'RE NOT, CLAIMING TO BE FULLY, US/BLACK, IN OUR SKIN, When you're clearly not. And thats fair.

  12. Chama B. Reply

    honestly…I know we don't take the side of black men but I understand why he was still angry. HIs mother was not sorry. She apologized because she was on TV and Iyanla had to tell her what to say. Yes he is grown and he needs to own his behavior but so does his mom. The energy I feel coming from his mom is that whatever fucked up ness that he learned as a child is not her fault and even if it was he needs to get over it. smh. Black women need to own when they fuck up raising their children. Again…he is grown but he needs that closure from his mother but he's not going to get it. He needs to go to therapy…real therapy and put in that work and leave his mother behind.

    If we as women can still be affected by things that went on in our childhood then so can men. Just like we are not obligated to forgive men or people who have wronged us, he is not obligated to forgive his mother. And let me say again that he is obligated to go seek help now that he has re-opened this wound so he can heal properly.

  13. HuntressEleven Reply

    Did you know that two of Barry White's daughters are married interracially?

  14. Visible Wonder Reply

    He still looks really angry. Like the scary type of calm angry. In adulthood we are responsible for our recovery. It sucks to have been through ish as a child but…the responsibility still unfairly lies with us. Eva Marcel has always rubbed me the wrong way. These light skin girls do not win any prizes when they date BM. I keep saying that to other dark skin women, but it falls on def ears. And yes the anchor baby thing is so true. It’s leveraging for the man sometimes to have an out of wedlock baby. It’s all really tricky out there.

  15. Shay's World Reply

    To me you look brown skin not light skin but hey everyone has a different perception.

  16. Shay's World Reply

    I am obese and have a good amount of self esteem!! I can smell these types of men from a mile away. Honestly I have skinny friends who are getting played bad!! They doing things for guys that I would never do nor have I ever did!! My standards stay high even as a big woman.

  17. Trina G Reply

    I agree with a lot of your points. Love from Lancaster.

  18. The Anonymous Black Kid Reply

    Yes, you're exactly right successful. Constantly experiencing put downs, will naturally make you not want to be associated with certain people. I'm a dark skinned female, but I don't have an issue with light skinned people. I'm too confident, smart, and focused on my goals to be mad at someone's complexion. Black guys have turned me off over the years, by how much they bash black women. I don't even date black men. I don't care how light or dark they are.

  19. The Anonymous Black Kid Reply

    When black men are with mixed chicks, they go out their way to put them on pedestals and say how they're not black. However, when they pick white men over then, they become just as verbally abusive to them like they are to black women.

  20. Sharon Hawkins Reply

    This is sad but I hope this relationship works out for Eva.

  21. My name is my name Reply

    Just my personal view but to me you're not really light skinned unless you look a whole lot darker on camera… I'm about Erykah Badu's complexion and I don't really think I'm light skinned either..When I think light skinned, I think Faith Evans or KeKe Wyatt…But in the South it may be different🤔. I'm in the Midwest lol

  22. Tina Reply

    If you are determined by your Father then most Black people in America are really White because that is how most of unions were started between Black women and White men.

  23. Tina Reply

    BM can say whatever they want but her Mother is Black and her Father is Black. Megan considers herself a Black woman just like the Tia and Tamera Mowery their Mother is Black and Father is White and they consider themselves Black as well.

  24. Tina Reply

    Girl you give me life lol. Yes Megan Markel is biracial. Black Mother, White Father