Exam Week in Dental School at USC

Hello Everyone!

I’m uploading this video a late because I got very busy with finals and somehow ran out of time. I didn’t vlog my final exam week but it was very similar. On a good note, I passed all of my classes and I’m done with my first trimester of dental school!!

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Keep studying hard, congrats to those of you who have recently been accepted to dental school, and happy holidays!!

Much love.

5 Replies

  1. Tai Lopez Reply

    Finally got everything planned and sorted. 68E i hope will get me into 3 of the public dental schools in texas and using 20 months post 9/11 gi bill and hazzlewood to pay for my dental school. If i dont get into these 3 schools how long do i have to wait to apply again?

  2. Janessa Johnson Reply

    I had a tour at USC dental school last week! So sad I didn’t run into you!!

  3. Heather Curcio Reply

    Can u do a video on loans?? I’m so lost on where to start and how/where to apply for the loans!

  4. DAVID CASAL Reply

    Congrats!!! I honestly can't wait to go to dental school next year. Do you know what will be your schedule for next semester?