Facebook Advertising For Dentists 2019 – £35k Worth Of Leads (LIVE Break Down)

In this video, I jump into my computer to show you exactly how I was able to generate 5 new Appointments in 13 days for my cosmetic dental client using Facebook advertising and lead generation funnels.

The campaign got off to a slow start but was still generating leads for us at around £31 a lead. I then launched a second campaign for retargeting and that’s when the leads and appointments started to flood in!

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Used this to build the funnel for my dental client too!!!

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12 Replies

  1. Mich Reply

    god damn you remind me of scarlxrd

  2. Blair Robert Oelke Reply

    hey, could you share this funnel with us? Didn't see it in the description

  3. Jorge Gomez Reply

    Hi there Montell?
    Wht do You think of taking on more than one Dentist Client per month?

  4. Ross B Reply

    Hey bruv quick question… what if all the dental practices are in the same specific city or town? since they would be in competition with each other, how does that affect your performance for each client? what's your advice on this? how do you go about running ads and producing results for every client? thanks.

  5. Tomas Ramirez Reply

    Amazing video man. Thank you very much!

    Good information, good presentation.

  6. ABfiness Reply

    How did you learn all this bro btw great video

  7. Ammar Sulthan Reply

    Alright damn. If I ever become a dentist I know who to hit up 👀