Fan Meetup, BigTractorPower and WT FarmGirl, National Farm Machinery Show!

Tractor Time with Tim had a great time meeting fans at the National Farm Machinery Show. It’s awesome to hear about our viewers and their tractors. TTWT also meet Jason from Big Tractor Power on YouTube. He loves the big tractors and toy tractors. Then we ran into Suzanne from the YouTube channel WT Farm Girl. She and her husband started a farm from scratch about 5 years ago. We had fun hearing why she started a YouTube channel.

Tractor Time with Tim

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42 Replies

  1. Zeb Mueller Reply

    Cool. I’m friends with Jason Hasert and I was talking about printing a model of my 1025R. This past weekend with him.

  2. Jim Marshallman Reply

    NOT the same Farm Girl I watch Tim! ROFL! >8^)

    BTW …. Trying to sort out kidney problems ….. Drug juggling …… 🙁

    AND trying to solve sleep problems ….. Computer related ….. 🙁

    Best wishes ……

    AND thinking of you …..

    God Bless …..

    Jim 🧡

  3. Tom Turd Reply

    Tractor Time With Tim,,, I hate you so bad! Yea you got me addicted and I want one, NO! I can't afford it and YES I will go into debt. I got thrown out of the local Kubota Dealer, I hate those SOBS! I wouldn't care if they were selling the Kubotas for a dollar I would tell them to stick them up their butt! I will go with the John Deere 1025R because of your video's. The best part and the most fun of owning one is when a friend or neighbor asks to borrow it and the fun part is telling them to go to hell. I can't wait. Thank You for your video's. I subscribed and hit the bell,,, you are a good man, I envy you.

  4. Mike Strickland Reply

    I will be in the market for a bumper pull dump trailer this year and wanted to see what you thought about the Bri- Mar trailer as to it’s build quality and wiring. I know you have the top of the line and that the same company builds both trailers. I live in Georgia. Thanks for the videos I enjoy them and the informative content.

  5. SoInFarm Reply

    A tip on the hydraulic hose deal. Take a small bucket and push the hose end on the bucket and you won’t take a bath in oil. Something I learned one day instead of standing out there smashing it on the tongue of the disk haha

  6. Cody Comp Reply

    We want to see something that’s not boring stay away from the farm shops let’s see Johnny

  7. B Confer Reply

    I just bought a jd 2025r, I was going to get a 1025r but after a long thought I knew I'd want a 2 series a year from now so I just went ahead and bought the 2025r. I love it and have no regrets.

  8. Steven Van Densen Reply

    Thank you enjoy that it was nice take care of you choose and they take care of you always be nice to you to be nice to each other good luck everybody cuz you take care of you to send the money maker

  9. Mr Goodwrench Reply

    Great video Tim. I like the interaction with your fans and the info on the other channels. I can't wait until spring and some new adventures with Johnny 2.0 . Do you remember the days when you could walk around these shows and nobody would know who you were ? 😄😄HaHa. It was great to see your father got out to the show and I hope all is well with the rest of the family. Keep up the good work .

  10. WT Farm Girl Videos Reply

    Well shoot! I didn't know the full backstory of BTP! I had chatted with him a bit at Ryan's event last year, and he showed me photos and videos of his toy tractor displays (very intricate), but I didn't realize that's how he got into shooting tractor videos! Very nice back story! And it was great meeting you and you wife! (seriously though, I couldn't stop laughing about the idea of you guys riding a frog!)

  11. Peter Mavus Reply

    Tim you forgot your autograph selfie session

  12. Rogue Excavating Reply

    I like that you are still humble to many I have lots of youtube subs im a big deal mentality

  13. Dave D Reply

    Thanks for sharing the national farm machinery show with us. God bless🙏

  14. ilmo Reply

    When you asked the young gentleman what his favorite TTWT video was it made me thing of mine. My favorite video is still watching Christy drive the original Johnny while moving the Shelter Logic portable storage shed around your yard to a new location.

  15. Fender 52 Reply

    Great video Tim I would love to meet you I hope I can someday

  16. Eric Teeter Reply

    I know it not really up your alley, but if you ever come to the Dairy Expo. I can tell you stories about my dad being a Deere dealer.

  17. Justin Joselow Reply

    I want to first say thank you for your channel. Because if you I also purchased a 2018 1025r with a ton of attachments with a few left to purchase (grapple of course lol). I was wondering if you may help me. I am interested in helping my neighbors around me like you do. But not sure what to charge. Do you happen to have a price sheet for your services or a standard hourly rate? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

  18. JustinHEMI Reply

    Whelp, Big Tractor Power has a new sub. Thanks for bringing him to our attention!

  19. walter mattson Reply

    This was fun to watch. Are we going to see a bigger John Deere filling up your building soon?

  20. Doug Decuir Reply

    I've seen most of big tractor power's videos and this is the first time I've seen the man behind the camera… lol

  21. E R I K Reply

    Looks like a great event. Tractor Time with Tim and Big Tractor Power meetup was cool. You two are my favorite tractor related channels that I watch 👍

  22. Eric Jansen Reply

    Thanks Kyle 👍 for joining Kubota. Nice to see so many Youtubers i follow talking to each other like WT FArm girl

  23. Peter Kober Reply

    Tim this fun listening to real people this why people watch you tube
    God Bless All

  24. foudo13 Reply

    In hindsight i'm kinda glad our meet up was not tractor related & that it wasn't recorded … At least we ate well ! On the other hand , i felt blessed that i had all of the Marks family members to myself for a couple of hours instead of a short while . Thx again for going out of your way to come to Belgium just for 1 fan !

  25. Eric G Reply

    Another nice video! Great job keep up the good work Christy. 🙂

  26. Willie Gardner Reply

    WT Farm Girl and Tim, wrap a towel or shop rag over the hose connector end before you tap it to release the hydraulic pressure it will keep you cleaner and keep trash out and off the connector. Been sprayed many times by oil before trying that trick.

  27. John G Reply

    That was fun…thanks again!

  28. James Pape Reply

    It was great meeting You and your Father. Hopefully we will get to meet and chat again next year.