Feeding Bees for Winter – Episode 153: "Sweet Tooth"

In this episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark feeds his bees with in-house feeders.

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Matt Barber
Jack West
Shannen Finnerty
Shuqian Hon
Trisha Dactyl

Produced and Directed by John deCaux
Executive Producer: Mark deCaux

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14 Replies

  1. Jabaarᴴᴰ Reply

    Great episode, I have heard you from ABC RADIO Adelaide, decided to pay a visit to your channel. Great contents keep up the awesome work

  2. Massachusetts Prepper Reply

    I get all kind of strange looks when I go in and fill up a grocery cart full of sugar as well LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SailorCatWashu Reply

    still surprised you can't get a large back of sugar as they have for bakeries. I am in the US and a few of our groceries sell large bags of flour and sugar for people who are small scale bakers.

  4. moebees Reply

    Giving them pollen going into winter just makes them brood up more. Maybe ok where you are because of your mild winters. You do have shb though don't you?

  5. dstick1 Reply

    Well Done BBM, I so nearly sprayed my screen when you told the bloke the Girls wont mind the sugar off the road. Too funny.  Observationally, how well does the old Dunny door work as a roof LMAO? I'll leave you to translate that to our overseas friends. On a more serious note, on the Nucs, why not feed them Pollen , as they looked like they had honey on the shelf, but I didn't see any pollen? Did I miss that, or it looks like they have dessert but no protein. So wouldn't you be better off on those hives giving them some steak and not potatoes? Great Video as always, made me laugh so much.

  6. Tuesday Rivard Reply

    Can you use Turbinado Cane Sugar or do you have to use just plain white sugar to feed the girls? I always come across starving bees, I just put them on dandelions

  7. Celt Gunn Reply

    Do you use any essential oils in your sugar water for the bees for the various properties that the essential oils provide?

  8. private bubba Reply

    When the sugar cane mills are running we can buy 55 gallon drums of sugar that spilled onto the floor (not for human consumption) during processing for next to nothing.

  9. Pauline Reefer Reply

    Is it getting close to your winter there? Cause we are just getting ready for our summer time. It is like low 80f during the day an at night still to cold 36f at night. So this week will be our first week that it does not drop below 40f and the days are going to be in the low 80’s. So when does your winter start.

  10. SpyingDutchman Reply

    People at the store probably think you're making Moonshine

  11. Judy Summers Reply

    We see them in Woollies in Tassie cleaning out the sugar. Almost like the baby milk formula heading out the door .

  12. peter mcgrath Reply

    Yes you definitely get some looks when you buy 100 kgs of sugar 🤔