Filling Tooth Repair – Dentemp Video

Dentemp Filling, Cap and Crown repair kit. Its Sunday and my filling falls out. The next week I have an employee on vacation so I cant take off work to get my tooth fixed at the Dentist. What do I do? I bought Dentemp Filling and Crown Cap Repair. Temporary Tooth Replacement. Denture repair kit.

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28 Replies

  1. Melanie Garcia Reply

    Thank you I'm going to try this out until I'm able to get my root canal. I think I swallowed my filling along with my taco last night 😂

  2. Ms. Rome Reply

    is that okay if you accidentally swallowed that thing?

  3. Christine Grady Reply

    You have to dry tooth first , if the tooth has saliva it won’t stick!

  4. carol soul Reply

    Thank you for this video, my front tooth broke after eating Chinese… crab Rangoon, I haven't really been able to laugh, but this had some funny moments!! <3

  5. trompacoable1 Reply

    Fluoride is a toxic waistproduct from the aluminum industry and besides that it breaks down bones and teeth and on top of it all it dumbs you down. That is the main reason they put it into the water And to get rid of toxins without having to pay for it. Quite the contrary.Think: RUMSFELD. Investigate.


    I have a tiny crack in my bottom tooth and every time I chew on it I have a sharp pain. Its been there for a while and I'm tired of eating on one side so I guess I will have to opt for this method to repair my crack since my mom haven't took me to the dentist for 4 years. Shes just letting me sit here without any checkups just letting my hygeine deteriorate 🙁

  7. eviesomeone Reply

    I used the one in the blue little tub to that does not work at all. It stays in for a few seconds and then it falls right out

  8. Saffi Hooya Reply

    This is what I don't understand in this country..why the heck dental is so freaking expensive ?? Itself not made of gold! They didn't went to other planet just to get the materials …. so why??

    Good vid thanks for sharing

  9. Phantazma 1988 Reply

    I bought this from Walmart for $2 and it works but after you put the temporary filling in with your fingers you gotta pack the filling in using your tongue to keep it moist. They really need to give you more filling besides the little container.

  10. The Scalicis Reply

    I'm glad it finally worked for you. Hope it holds up

  11. ster Reply

    Believe me this is not the video to watch. He hasn't read the instructions carefully and is basically clueless. I strongly suggest you get your instructions elsewhere. There are much better options available.

  12. Angela Martinez Reply

    I tried it and it worked well for me. It lasted for 2 days. Even with brushing my teeth!!
    I put it in kinda like one would if you were to put caulking around an edge of a wall and tub. Try thinking of when you are fixing a hole in your wall with drywall mud using a putty knife. I use the one in the purple container.

  13. Backwoods Raised Reply

    great review man. I have to use the one in the purple tube. Ive been using it for about a year lol. I have a wisdom tooth that has broke and has exposed nerves. but with the stuff on there i am good. I know I need to go to the dentist but i keep chickening out haha

  14. MD Outdoors Reply

    I had a filling fall out will camping with the family. Luckily there was a small drug store near by and they had this stuff. It worked great until I could get to the dentist the following week

  15. Shirl Bussman Reply

    I hope you're only doing this for a temp. reason. Oh, I see that it is a temp. thing. ATB & Much ♥

  16. Metal Detecting NWGA Reply

    I need some whole teeth made out of that stuff.Most of my back ones are gone! lol

  17. Rick's Reviews Reply

    I lost one of my fillings and that I used the denttemp and after 2 days it broke apart

  18. lonestarrider Reply

    I used it before and it worked great. It's temporary, so bring some on your vacation. Awesome Video Van!

  19. Tosh Time Reply

    Excellent review! Dental issues always give me the blues too. Have a blessed Thursday!

  20. Poly Vlogs Reply

    Hey brother that's the same as me, my fillings too, are coming out! I hope you can get to the dentist soon brother, that is tough my bro!