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  1. Andreas Broman Reply

    This is comedy gold.Here´s to Foster Brooks,the greatest drunk ever.

  2. Sandra Crowley Reply

    Wish we had comedy like these with Foster Brooks an Dean Martin, Foster
    Brooks great as a drunk.

  3. andre barsegyan Reply

    RIP DEAN MARTIN and FOSTER BROOKS. Gone but not forgotten! The best comedians!

  4. George Vreeland Hill Reply

    Back when TV was funny, good and clean. No sluts or four-letter words. Talent ruled.

  5. yafargo Reply

    Martin played a drunk, well, also..I met him at Radio City Music Hall, he said it was all an act. Great stuff; comedy will never be gut-busting anymore. Steve Martin/Chevy Chase/Bill Murray were the last, although "curb your enthusiasm" series was hilarious.

  6. MasterQ 19 Reply

    As I understand it, Brooks never drank.

  7. Deborah Statton Reply

    He was actually never drunk .
    he played played drunk . but never drank

  8. MrMusic0024 Reply

    This is classic!  I wish the shows on today were this funny and non vulgar.

  9. SirDeanosity Reply

    Two people had their tongue pulled out by this dentist.

  10. kawasaki whip two Reply

    Foster Brooks hits the ball out of the park every time.my favorite is when he's an airline pilot. R.I.P. GUYS.

  11. MrTanker10a Reply

    I used to love watching that man on the Dean Martin Show…May HE so rest in peace…
    That's my ear! What's it doing in there?!

  12. Steve Payne Reply

    OMG he is soooooo FUNNY, I have tears!!! One of the absolute greatest of all time!!