FPL GAMEWEEK 30 | LOOKING AT BLANK OPTIONS | Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 | Let's Talk FPL #165

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19 Replies

  1. Ezo 127 Reply

    when will we know The Double gameweek 32 fixtures

  2. dem0n0x Reply

    I got WC, Bench boost and Free Hit left. Currently I will only have 3 players + Puncheon for GW 31. Should I use Free Hit on gw31?

  3. StianJStrand Reply

    If you have 2 free transfers prior to a round, use the free hit, how many tranfers would you have prior to the next round? only 1, or keep both?


  4. Big Dosser Reply

    10:15 you mentioned about DGW35, Jimenez should have a double of Brighton and Arsenal at home which is a great double tbf. Wolves have a great run in and Raul will be playing for his move (only on loan)

  5. Alastair Ash Reply

    can anyone tell me how the free hit works please, can you constantly change it through the GW like a WC or is it a click it once situation?

  6. CryptoSonic Reply

    I didn’t know you had a cash mini league for patreons with £50 per month prize. I’m well up for that

  7. Jono Stewart Reply

    Is Mendy a good City defence option going forward??

  8. #FPLBhuna Reply

    audio completely out of sync, this is terrible

  9. Imad Karrit Reply

    Andyyyyy :-). U have improved me so much as a player. I love ur humility & truly believe that u r a great player technically. Thank you.

  10. iPaul Reply

    Is it just me but the audio is all out of sync

  11. poolfans Reply

    The points system can be improve
    Split position for midfielder to a defensive and attacking midfielder
    Clean sheet = 2
    Goal scored = 5

    Clean sheet = 0
    Goal scored = 5

    All position
    Direct Free kick goal = 6
    PK goal = 3
    Winning goal = +1 ( no point awarded if team win by 2 or more goals)

    Salah would be a AM, his price can down to 11 mil

    DM will have more point due to extra 1 point for clean sheet (2 instead of 1)
    it will make DM a more worthy to have.

  12. Micheal Duffy Reply

    The rule is if the player is in a unnatural position in the box while standing,tackling or when he jumps, the guys arms were in a normal position when he jumped in the air, hes not expected to jump with his hands behind his back thats not a rule. It was a bonkers peno call but fair balls to Rashford.

  13. Michael Newman Reply

    When you post this online after recording is it possible to cut the long intro?

  14. rohit sk Reply

    any info about charlie daniels of bournemouth.. 4.1 mil, covers their defence too..