Franck Zappa – dental hygiene dilemma

amazing cartoon from the genius

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  1. Tyler Anaya Reply

    Imagine living out an entire life as a musician and composer (all self-taught by the way). You start out by getting threatened by your classmates for having a racially integrated band in the '50s and '60s. You have all these hits in the '60s, '70s and '80s, (you have all these "misses" in the public eyes as well). Most importantly you have a huge group of fans behind you. There's also a bunch of people against you. You continue to do your thing because you truly believe in it. As the years go by and rights are threatened, you stand up against the PMRC when you feel the need to (which is basically as soon as they step on your first amendment rights). A lot of time goes by. You rehearse and record with the fantastic Ensemble Modern in 1992 in various parts of Europe and receive at least two minutes of a standing ovation (see/hear the end of "G-Spot Tornado" off of "The Yellow Shark" for reference). You release this album on CD (The Yellow Shark) and it does very well, just like the concerts themselves. Imagine all this, and more. All of this leads up to December 4th, 1993 when you lose your battle with prostate cancer. Imagine you are Mr. Frank Vincent Zappa and you do all of this just to lead up to the uploader of this video misspelling your name and adding a "c" in there calling you "Franck" Zappa. Imagine that.

  2. IronWhoaMan Reply

    the dental hygiene dilemma is what made me seek out a copy of 200 Motels available only as a bootleg vid back in the day! (saw 200 Motels as a "midnight movie" in a theater) it's HIP!

  3. spb 78 Reply

    The animation is largely the work of the same group that brought us "The Point" in the same year. I love Zappa's music and love this film, but particularly wanted to comment on how much I miss this style of animation. After years of a "tradition of quality" (to deliberately invoke the French New Wave), these animators turned to a style that was intentionally sketchy and often messy. By contrast, everything these days is CGI, slick, polished – in other words, boring.

  4. Aeen Reply

    @jangohump How can notes sound "pretentious"? The people who overuse words like that are ironically quite pretentious. Also, stop ending every sentence with "to me". The Beatles had no technical ability other than past a bar band.

  5. Catjoe12 Reply

    I love this so much! I saw the film at a midnight drive-in showing and bought the vinyl soon after. Then I slid into a heavy Christian phase and destroyed the album. Then I came out of the phase, and bought it again. Then I went into another heavy Christian phase and threw out the album. Then I recovered. Years later I bought the cassette. Then I …. well, you know. Fortunately, by now I was clever enough to simply put the tape away for awhile. Sure enough, after a bit I pulled it out again.

  6. bikingfencer Reply

    there may be none; I don't put much stock in my memory+

  7. Alex Rees Reply

    correct me if i'm wrong, is the small devil guy in the purple helmet supposed to be studebaker hoch?

  8. Alex Rees Reply

    I'm Stealing the Room! I'M STEALING THE ROOM!!!!!!

  9. dharmaseed Reply

    5:44 STILL scares the living shit out of me.

  10. curiousnomad Reply

    First saw 200 Motels in a movie theater when it was released. The air was so thick with herbal smoke that you just had to breath and you would hallucinate. Watching this at the same time was transcendental.

  11. J P Reply

    I watched this with my friends while we were baked. Best trip ever.

  12. Kitsuneranger Reply

    @comicwzrd Murakami Wolf is basically a studio run by 2 people, Jim Murakami and Fred Wolf

  13. Rita H. Reply

    This made so much more sense to me when I was trippin'.