FROG EATEN ALIVE Carnivorous Nepenthes Pitcher Plant ate my frog "Speedy" I wondered where he was!

My Carnivorous Nepenthe’s Pitcher Plant ate my pet frog “Speedy” I was wondering where he was! I’m not sure If he can get out on his own! View These Videos from your android phone, iPhone applications & easily from your tablet or computer, You can watch For free & will would not be a burden to you financially, No insurance companies necessary! After pulling the plant down from behind the Butterworts and Sundews, I was just going to do a clean up on the plant and see how many new pitchers were forming when I found this little frog in the cup. It seems happy enough…

36 Replies

  1. Kath M Reply

    Damn you just gonna let him die like that

  2. Charly Hitter Reply

    Umm so why didn’t you try and get it out it’s obviously still alive

  3. Michael Tan Reply

    Sick! If you are sincere abt helpinhg the frog out, you should have done tat there and then instead of taking video and waiting a few days.

  4. Trainspotter82 Reply

    You know he gets freaky with those plants, they defo eat His meat

  5. michael n Reply

    So was the frog eaten alive?!? Where’s the follow up?

  6. Ezra Dykema Reply

    Ok guys so next were gonna look at my Venus fly trap that ate a cat. Oh cool its my cat. Whatever, ill just get him out tomorrow

  7. Logan Latios Reply

    I'm gonna go sleep in a 8 ft pitcher plant

    Just kidding I'm not gonna do that

    I would DIE

  8. pelo Reply

    ERes un verdadero hijo de puta

  9. TheBabie113 Reply

    Keeping the frog in there for a few more days was crule that poor frog

  10. Jason Andrews Reply

    No frogs were harmed during the making of this video

  11. Choi Ja Reply

    Help that poor frog! Animals are more important

  12. Pacalaku Reply

    he should have saved the frog now I'm sad that he won't 🙁

  13. FLG LIES Reply

    Should of recuse it right away frogs are good that eat bugs.